Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am all for people making an honest living, but...

shouldn't the New Kids on the Block rethink their name? I mean they are no longer new, nor are they kids! Maybe they should be old men who have been around the block!
Just like the Backstreet Boys, now they are more like backstreet men. Backstreet Boys brings to mind images of cute kids who may be having a tough time, but are helping their families out now because they are making it big. Who hoo for that! Everyone loves a success story! Backstreet Men, however, sounds like you better watch out or they will cut you!
Another one, Boys II Men, cute when we were all in high school. Now that they are nearing 40 it is more like Men II old folks home!
Furthermore, I think bands of the future should think about these things! Name yourself something that you can still use when you are twenty years older, in need of money and do a comeback tour. For example, N'Sync. While the former members do not currently seem to be living up to their name, if they ever do indeed become back in sync the name will still fit!