Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help the Economy-SHOP!

My friend Adrienne, who helps to aid in my shopping addiction, reminded me of this really fun website So here is the latest edition of things that you don't need, but are so adorable you will certainly want!

Even I would love to cook breakfast if I had this French toast stamp.

So you might possible scare your significant other when they wake up and see you in this mask, but how fun would it be to embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn!

Hostess Cupcakes are one of my all time favorites. I see this coin purse as having two wonderful advantages. The money that I do not put in the vending machine to get cupcakes can be saved in it, plus I can just look at it and not eat the real thing and keep calories from my thighs!

Looking out my window as we speak it looks like the Houston drought is finally over. Oh how I could use one of these umbrellas. They have several to choose from so if the scraggly sailor or the lady in white don't do it for you, I am sure they have one that will!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Gnomes Have Invaded My Garden

1. an imaginary creature in fairy tales that looks like a little old man

Otherwise known as the little Santa Claus looking creatures that I used to think were ridiculous and now are multiplying in my yard!

The obsession started off small with just a couple of gnomes.

Then the gnome home became a village, with decorations such as mushrooms.

I could not resist this sleeping gnome.

Then the big daddy of them all! Gabe was completely against purchasing this gnome as he told me he looked like Santa and people would think we were decorating for Christmas in June. I just about had him convinced that it was indeed a gnome and not Mr. Claus, when I sat him at the counter to purchase him and the cashier blurts out, "Oh Santa! How cute!" Thanks a lot lady!

I am Generally a Happy Person, but Sometimes People Suck and Ruin It!

Top Things That Annoy Me:
  • People that drive crappy! If you can't drive, then walk, take a cab, get a bike, whatever, but don't take the risk of plowing down others!
  • People that drive crappy + text message at the same time! That one is a doozy!
  • People who act like they are your friend and then jab a knife in your back to try to fit in with other backstabbers. That is so high school and I graduated more years ago than I would like to publicly admit, so I have no time in my life for that type of soap opera.
  • Seeing nice people have to deal with horrible situations. A good friend of mine is having problems with her horrid hubby. It is really hard to see someone who deserves so much better putting up with someone who deserves to be in jail!
  • People that mistreat the elderly, the homeless and animals.
  • People who judge other races, religions, lifestyle, etc. It is a great big world out there so why spend it cooped up under a rock?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is "Real" TV Too Real?

Gone are the days of the Brady Bunch, where all of the children cared about each other and the parents always solved any problems in a cheery manner, not to mention a 30 minute time period.

Usher in the days where E! True Hollywood story is more than happy to tell you that indeed Mr. Brady was living a secret life, Greg had the hots for Marsha and Mrs. Brady and Marsha, Marsha, Marsha was secretly a drug abuser.

Are we promoting ignorance and lack of morals with some of our television programs? I find it disturbing the lengths that some people will go to be in the public eye. On one show young people are going on television to try to be friends with Paris Hilton. The prize at the end of the show is to be her BFF. I don't know about you all, but when I was in school she would have been the outcast who everyone deemed as a hooch.

We have people like the ever unpopular "Speidi". Heidi, the female portion of "Speidi" for those of you who are not MTV savvy, (sometimes not knowing is bliss), went on The View and proceeded to liken herself to the Virgin Mary. She later told the audience she was posing for Playboy. Not casting any stones against Playboy, but it is hardly a magazine that the Virgin Mary would have approved of I am sure.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 were brought on to show what life would be like raising eight children. Unfortunately, we have seen that Jon and Kate's marriage vows should have read "Through thick or thin, through television production and despite US Weekly."

By showing real lives on television are we bringing down our culture? It is hard to tell for sure, but it certainly can't be setting good examples. I for one am hoping that we soon see the return of family sitcoms like The Cosby Show and Family Ties where the characters were intelligent people solving everyday problems.

Why Does it Always Happen in Three's?

Such a sad week! Although we may not know any of these people in real life they have certainly made our lives more entertaining. May they all rest in peace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure..

Below you will find a video of our friend Aaron. He is the one who I was trying to fix up a few posts back!

I really don't know how he does this dance, but it amazes me how he can get his limbs to go in so many different directions at one time!

And girls.. he is still single! If there is anyone interested out there in blog land let me know! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Home is...

where all of my stuff is! I almost have my house like I want it, with just a few items on my must have list to have it complete. I recently took some pictures so I thought I would share them below.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shopping for the Summer

Summer is upon us! If you are like me that means 100 degree temperatures, sunscreen and the beach. It also means picnics, fun summer gear having a prominent place on store shelves and spending more time outdoors. I have the perfect finds for you summer enjoyment!

You could look far and wide and never will you find more adorable and picnic ready salt and pepper shakers than these little ants from Target:

Cynthia Rowley's galvanized beverage tub would be perfect for a patio party in its lovely summer plaid:

If your style is a little more retro Bed, Bath and Beyond has some great choices for you! The snow cone maker and lemonade stand below are just a couple of the great selections they have to help you have a nostalgic summer!

So you arrive to the park a little late, picnic basket in hand and realize that there are no tables left on a busy weekend afternoon. Well, if you had this folding picnic table with seats from Bed, Bath and Beyond you would never have to worry about that again!

In the summer I love to plant flowers. My gardening usually only lasts until I see a frog or a lizard and then run screaming into my house, but those few moments outside before the critters come out are very enjoyable. These little Magic Number Pots from Anthropologie are adorable! I think I need these in my street address numbers for my porch.

How lucky would a little bird be after a long trip back north for the summer, to happen upon this lovely home? Very lucky if you ask me. This acorn birdhouse, again from the people at Anthropologie, is much better than your average birdhouse!

Happy summer and happy shopping!


This week I lost a member of my family. My uncle passed away and it made me stop to think for a moment about things that are really important, because when all is said and done none of the material things we collect are going with us.

  • Always say bye to your friends and family when you leave them, because you may never get a chance to again.

  • Always be willing to lend a hand to anyone who is having a hard time.

  • Don't put off things that you want to do. Plan that trip to Italy now instead of putting it off until you retire. The Coliseum will be hard enough to maneuver with young knees!

  • Never stop learning new things. Young and pretty fade, but witty and smart will last you a lifetime.

  • Do things that make you happy, even if it means saving that last load of laundry until tomorrow. Hey, that is why they make hampers!

  • Great friends are hard to find , so when you do find them invest time in keeping them around.

  • Let it roll off your shoulders when others talk behind your back. The things that they say rarely have any substance and 99% of the time they are just jealous and feel bad about their own lives. Learn to feel sorry for these people as you go on about your happy life!

I know we all know these things, but so often we get busy with life and get stuck in a rut. Sometimes we have to put things into perspective to realize how good we have it.

Rest in peace Babe Mangrum. We will miss you!