Monday, May 31, 2010

And the Winner of Our Final SATC 2 Countdown Contest Is..


Congratulations! You will be receiving The Carrie Diaries!

Did you all go see the movie this weekend? I went to see it Thursday night. I am not really going to add any spoilers that haven't been plastered all over the internet elsewhere, but back away from your screen now if you do not want any details! :)
Ok, here much as it saddens me to type this, heck as much as it saddens me to think this-I did not love it! I so wanted to as you all know I love those characters so much, but it was missing several things...

one being the city! The energy of New York City always fueled the story lines on SATC. With them being away for the majority of the movie it lacked that character that made the show a hit to begin with. On the first movie a chunk of it was taken up in Mexico, or really Malibu, and while I don't mind if the girls need a getaway did it really need to be for that long? With the exception of a few shots of the Chrysler building, Times Square, Carrie's apartment and a few jaunts down 5Th avenue, I really think that the movie needed more New York.

Another character that was missing screen time was Mr. Big. I love Mr. Big. I rooted for him and Carrie through the entire show. I screamed at the screen when he couldn't get out of the limo at their wedding and cheered Carrie when she jumped out and beat the crap out of him with her bouquet. Then I was ecstatic when they met up in her closet and then got married on the first movie. Now two years later and I am supposed to believe that Mr. Big is now a sloth that just wants to sit around on his couch and do nothing. And after hoping for them to get together all of these years Mr. Big now needs a break every week! Dear Lord my mind can't handle it! I am not buying this character change Michael Patrick King!

One thing that I could have done with less of...Miley Cyrus. Ok I know she was only in the movie for a few brief moments, but that was too long regardless! I don't know if by giving her a cameo they were hoping to get the late teens in the theater, but whatever it is I could have done without her. She has always seemed so bratty and unappreciative of her success so for me the less of Miley the better.

There were some moments that seemed like the spark of Sex and the City days gone by were still there. I loved the part with Charlotte and Miranda were discussing motherhood and Charlotte got a bit tipsy. I also thought the flashback scenes were cute.

I would love to hear your opinions if you have seen! Please do tell!

A Special Happy Monday

Not only is it happy Monday, but it is also Memorial Day!
Thank you to all of the troops who have served and are currently serving to give us the freedom that we have. It is all because of your hard work!

How will you all be spending your Memorial Day?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

And Our Winner Is...

Congratulations K.Rock!
Thank you so much to all who entered and special thanks to Little Red Designs for offering your shop for the feature!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Can I Tell You...

about accessories designer extraordinaire and friend of
Joy De Vivre, Rafe Totengco?

Rafe has done something really amazing with his Spring 2010 Collection. He has been working with groups of talented people in his native Philippines to not only design beautiful bags, but also to help preserve distinctive crafts of these artists.
The Craftwork by Rafe line was a partnership between Rafe and INVISIBLE in which women from impoverished areas of Manila were brought in and taught how to construct these lovely bags. This served as a source of income for these women and their families. These bags were made by dying and crocheting plastic bags, over 40,000 of which were rescued just for this line!

Another nod to his native Philippines are the Beaded Ikat handbags. These are not only hand beaded, but they also use Tinalak fabric. The Tinalak fabric is created by the T'boli tribe in the Philippines and the process they use is very involved. Rafe chronicles the steps in detail on his blog. The Beaded Ikat handbags come in a range of colors such as indigo, orange, yellow, black and hot pink.

Cheers to Rafe for being a designer that has not forgotten where he came from and continues to help people be creative and make a better life for themselves!

Oh and in his spare time he has two blogs-Can I Tell You? and Rafe Loves! Stop by and say hi and check out what amazing things he is up to now!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2 the Countdown is Over!

Today is the day that I, along with all of the other SATC fans, have been counting down for months! As soon as I get away from work I will be reunited with my favorite NYC girls!

This photo is from the premiere in NYC.

And this lovely photo of Kristin Davis is for Iggy over at Intense Guy!

Thanks for the post about my blog and this is my present back to you!

In honor of the movie FINALLY being here we will have one last SATC giveaway!

This week the winner will receive:

To enter just leave a comment and for a second entry be or become a follower! I am going easy on you all this week! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

While checking out the Anthropologie site it seems as if they are all ready for the warm weather, Gidget style. And although I am on a self imposed shopping ban it doesn't hurt a girl to look now does it? I will answer that myself, no it does not! :)

Big sunglasses! Eye protection-check! Cute to boot-check!

Sure there are fancier gadgets that hold 1,000's of songs..but do they have the vintage style of this radio? No they do not!

Carry your sunblock, towels and summer reads in this Anchored Bag!

I personally believe that swimsuits should all come with a package of Prozac to help you when you realize the reflection in the mirror is not that of Heidi Klum! This one is really cute though!

Do you all have any great plans for the summer?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

Beauty, nature, well-being and warmth are words that this week's Etsy shop uses as inspirations when creating designs. Once you are introduced to the shop you will see that these words are very accurate to describe Little Red Designs. Michelle, owner of Little Red Designs hails from Minnesota, is a mother of two and teaches middle school. With her busy schedule it is easy to see why she enjoys channeling beauty, nature, well-being and warmth! Let's take a look:

Amazonite, honey jade, and sterling silver frame earrings

These earrings evoke a feeling of nature with their earth tone shades. They come on a sterling silver French hook.

Hill Tribe silver cross and red/blue seed bead earrings

The Hill Tribe silver cross hangs from a sterling silver french hook.

Peridot Bracelet

The soft colors of the green peridot, green seed bead, and sterling silver clasp combine into a bracelet that as Michelle says looks like Apple Jolly Ranchers. It really does and who doesn't love Apple Jolly Ranchers!

This week we have a great offer for you if you happen to be the winner of the weekly prize! If your name if selected next Sunday you will have your choice of the following two items:

Blue Czech Glass Bracelet

Onyx, turquoise, and wood earrings

How to enter:

1. Check out Little Red Designs. Come back here and comment on your favorite item.

2. Be or become a follower of this blog.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Saturday.

Check back Sunday to see if you are the winner!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Winner of Our Third SATC Countdown Contest Is...


Congratulations! You have won the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack!

For those of you who didn't there will be one last installment starting on Thursday.

Thursday the day we will be reunited with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda! I can't wait!

Happy Monday

Aren't Mondays a great day to daydream? Looking up at the sky and wishing you were elsewhere.

Where would you transport yourself if given a chance?

Happy Monday to all!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

And Our Winner Is...

Congratulations Sarah B! You are the winner of this week's "Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?" featuring Shine Designs.
Thanks to all who entered!
Special thanks to Roxanne from Shine Designs!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex and the City 2 the Countdown-Celebrating the City

It has been said that Sex and the City had five main characters-the four girls and New York City. Indeed that seemed to always be the case. While shows that ran during its original run on HBO, shows like Friends and Will and Grace, were set in New York the most you ever got as far as shots of the cities were a few seconds of buildings spliced into their real film location of
Los Angeles.

Sex and the City was different. They took the city and intertwined it into all of the story lines. They shopped in the real stores not in some recreated set, dined in restaurants that they would make popular overnight and had hoards of tourists on buses to drive by Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. If you are going to NYC and want to see the sights from the show there is an actual Sex and the City tour that you can take that will drive you to all of the hot spots. If you want a more economical tour or just want to relive your favorite moments from the show I have compiled a list of some of the places you may remember from Sex and the City:

Columbus Circle fountains located at the corner of Broadway and 59Th Street

Who can forget the scene below where Carrie in her beautiful white dress, rejects Aiden and they finally come to the realization that they want different things. The fountains at Columbus Circle provided a beautiful backdrop for a not so happy ending.

While we are on the not so happy ending talk let us next go to the NY Public Library at 42ND and 5Th:

This location was the scene for two very memorable Sex and the City moments. First of all do you remember when Miranda was armed with those life changing words "He is just not that into you"? She then wanted to spread her wisdom to others, despite the fact that they wanted no part of it. The stairs outside were the spot for Miranda's Dr. Phil moment.

Anyone who has seen the first movie also knows that this is the location of Carrie and Big's wedding meltdown. The staircase on the right is the very place that she received the news that Big wasn't showing up.

On a side note I highly recommend visiting the library if you have a chance. It is truly a breathtaking building and definitely worth spending some time exploring. If you love architecture you will enjoy it and the Sex and the City memories will make it even better.

The Plaza Hotel at 768 5Th Ave.

I promise we are going to get on to happier times shortly! The Plaza was also the setting for more than one Sex and the City moment. The first was when Carrie lost it when she had to read a poem for Miranda's friends wedding. She pretended that she lost it because she was happy for the couple, but in reality she was hurt because Mr. Big had received a phone call during her poem and she felt neglected.

The next time the Plaza Hotel was featured it was also during a scene with Mr. Big and Carrie, but this time it was an outdoor shoot. Carrie walks past the Plaza just in time to see Big and Natasha finishing up their engagement party. He sees her and walks over. She asks him why it wasn't her and we all know how that ends. She quotes The Way We Were and tells him "Your girl is lovely Hubble". With that she leaves him confused and turns and walks, hair blowing in the wind, out of his life...temporarily of course!

Tiffany & Co at 727 5Th Ave.

Wow all of these breakups! I promised to get this going on an up note! Tiffany & Co was the location where Charlotte pretty much proposed to herself....with a little help from Trey. Alrighty!

If you visit Tiffany & Co you are in the right vicinity of many of the shops featured on the show. 5Th Avenue is a plethora of amazing world class shopping and one that is getting much attention from Sex and the City 2 is Bergdorf Goodman at 754 5Th Ave.

Let me give mention to a few shops that are must see SATC hot spots off 5Th:

Prada-575 Broadway

Patricia Field-302 Bowery

Manolo Blahnik-70Th and Madison

Barney's-60Th and Madison

The Magnolia Bakery at 401 Bleeker St.

The cupcake place made famous by Carrie and Miranda is the Magnolia Bakery. Expect a line if you pop in here for a sweet treat.

While you are in the neighborhood:

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment at 66 Perry, between Bleeker and West 4Th Street

While this is not the real street address listed as Carrie's address on the show, this was the apartment where they shot the outside scenes for the show. If you visit please beware as I have heard the owner does not enjoy all of the Carrie fans who flock to her stoop! I don't know about you, but if I owned that apartment I would have a Sarah Jessica Parker cardboard cutout and offer photos on my steps for $10 a pop. Heck I would even offer a SATC wardrobe to go from tourist to stylish for your photo....for an extra fee of course! ;) What is with these people who do not want to be entrepreneurs! A bonus tip here-while you are in the area keep your eyes peeled for Ms. SJP herself. She literally lives seconds away from her character's apartment. Out of respect for her and her family I am not going to post her real address here, but you may just see her out and about!

Bryant Park 40Th to 42St's at 6Th Ave.

Like many of the other locations, Bryant Park has been featured several times on various episodes. During fashion week this location is turned into a tent city housing all of the top names in fashion. It was fashion week when Carrie, wearing her Dolce and Gabanna brilliant blue coat and jeweled underwear became fashion roadkill. It was also fashion week on the first movie when after the girls went to the show, Samantha was met with angry women upset that she was wearing fur.

Bryant Park, while much smaller than Central Park, is still a great place to visit. The NY Library featured above is adjoining it and it is very close to major tourist attractions such as Times Square. The classic carousel below is in the opening scene of Sex and the City the Movie as Charlotte and Harry have little Lily out for a day in the park.

There are so many locations in the city used for filming so let's quickly run through just a few more:

NY Stock Exchange 18 Broad St.

One of the few times we ever saw Carrie Bradshaw in a subway station was when she was desperately trying to get to the NY Stock Exchange in time to ring the opening bell.

Staten Island Ferry

She may have been drunk, but she was sober enough to have a vision! Charlotte shouted from the ferry "I'm getting married this year!" as Carrie tried to make sure she didn't fall off the ferry before she could make that a reality.

Times Square

As Smith's PR guru, Samantha was able to get him a very provocative billboard right smack in the middle of Times Square. He was more embarrassed than thrilled at first, but in the end it was the catalyst that put his career in the right direction.

This week instead of a trivia question I think we will do something different. Tell me about your favorite scene from Sex and the City,(please keep it PG as there are little ones who stop by from time to time as well).

Once you leave a comment you will be entered to win the soundtrack from Sex and the City 2:

Win it before it is even released and it will be mailed to you on May 25Th!

Leave a comment now until midnight Sunday! Check back on Monday to see if you are the lucky winner. Best of luck to all!

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Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

Shine Designs features handmade jewelry and accessories by Roxanne Dewyer. One of my favorite things about doing these features every week is meeting the diverse artists that make up Etsy. Roxanne not only has a degree in Anthropology, she is also the talented designer of jewelry which she has loved doing for years.

Let's go take a look at Shine Designs:

White and Gold Anchor Necklace

Just in time for your summer wardrobe this anchor necklace features glass pearls, crystal glass beads, charms and an 18" gold chain with a lobster clasp closure.

Black and Brass Heart Charm Bracelet

How could you not love this heart bracelet? Featuring black and amber glass beads and crystals this heart bracelet is 7" in length.

Turquoise Pendant Necklace

I have always loved turquoise because I think it is classic and always in style. This pendant necklace can be worn for many years to come with its 2" teardrop cut turquoise and brown glass beads. The brass cable chain is 24".

These week if you are the lucky winner you could be receiving these earrings from Shine Designs! Actually you could be receiving the pair of your choice from the shop! Yes, thanks to Roxanne! She is going to let the winner have their pick of one pair of earrings from her shop!

To enter:

1. Check out Shine Designs. Come back here and comment on your favorite item.

2. Be or become a follower of this blog.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Saturday.

Check back Sunday to see if you are the lucky winner!

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The Winner of Our Second SATC 2 Countdown Contest Is....


Congratulations Linda! I will be contacting you to see which gift you would like to receive!

To everyone who didn't win there is another installment starting on Thursday! This one will be a bite out of the big apple! Don't miss it!

Happy Monday

It is the start of the work week and in my opinion the best way to get it going is to just jump right in! I hope this week brings great things to all of you!

What are you all up to?

photo courtesy of flickr

Sunday, May 16, 2010

And our winner is.....


Congratulations Leah! You are the winner of "Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?" this week!

Thank you to Fat Cat Crafts for your participation this week! Best of luck with your shop!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sex and the City 2-the Countdown Continues

There is no doubt that one of the things that made Sex and the City such a hit was the fact that each episode had as much eye candy as watching a runway show. While Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda each have their distinct styles Carrie Bradshaw seemed to start more trends than all of the others combined. Whether it be the oh so expensive, absolutely gorgeous heels, the hoards of girls who began wearing their names on gold plated necklaces inspired by Carrie, flowers pinned onto everything or Juicy terry cloth dresses Ms. Bradshaw was the go to girl for style when the series originally aired:
We couldn't leave out the classic tutu!

In the first Sex and the City movie Carrie not only had a flower she had a flower that obviously had a growth hormone!

Going classic for her first day at Vogue. I always loved the collar on this jacket.

From the movie trailers and the photos that have been leaked Sex and the City 2
seems to have Carrie with slightly more defined, but still risky looks.
As you may have noticed I love all things 70's inspired which really has me loving the Halston Heritage Collection that she is wearing below:

(You can click on both pictures for a quick link to purchase the looks)

As promised there will be a great Sex and the City giveaway every Thursday leading up the release of the movie. This week the winner can choose from either:

or start from the beginning with:

Also if you already have these items and would like the Carrie Diaries instead then that can be arranged as well!

This week our trivia question is so easy, made even easier by the fact that if you look really closely you can spot the answer! This one comes from one of my favorite scenes in Sex and the City the Movie, because while Marilyn Monroe may have thought diamonds were a girls best friend, Mr. Big knew that it really took a gorgeous pair of shoes to get his girl.

What brand are the shoes that Big proposed to Carrie with?

Enter by:

1. Leaving a comment here with your answer to the trivia question.

2. Be or become a follower of this blog.

Entries will be accepted until Sunday midnight. Check back Monday to see if you are the lucky winner!

I will leave you with my absolute favorite quote from the show as my shopping addiction has me fearing I will one day suffer a similar fate:

"I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!"