Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Recap

This extended weekend has went by way too fast, but I certainly tried to make the most of it! Friday I was up and out of the house at 3 AM! This meant that I did win the bet my mom and Gabe made with me. I usually can not drag myself out of bed and that hour, but with the prospect of finding great bargains I was up at 2AM and singing Christmas songs at that! Unfortunately for me our bet was of the verbal manner. If I would have known I could really be up that early I would have attached some type of monetary value to make it worth my while!

There were so many bargains Friday! I was able to complete all of my Christmas shopping, except for three people. There were also several cute things that I couldn't live without for myself as well. ;)

Saturday, before attending a surprise party for a friend, we managed to get all of our inside Christmas decorations up. It is such a chore, but I love them once they are in place.

Barkley was right in the middle of the action:

I started moving the Nutcracker's mouth and talking to him so I think he was quite confused! It was pretty darn funny!

He then took to attacking King Kong, which was fine since it kept him from attacking my ornaments. Maybe he was just trying to help us by making it look like it had snowed!

It certainly is looking like Christmas now:

Today I worked on a gift for my Secret Santa present:

I hope you all are having a great weekend as well! Did you find any bargains?

And Our Weekly Winner Is...


Sharon make sure to leave a spot on your Christmas tree, because you will be receiving the
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Thank you so much to everyone who entered this week and left lovely comments for our weekly shop, Emarie Creations!

A special thanks to Emily and Samantha for allowing us to spotlight their wonderful shop!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope this finds all of you stuffed to the brim with turkey, dressing, pecan pie, etc., etc.

Thanks to my mom for being able to cook much better than I ever will be able to! :)
Now I am off to get some rest so that I can be at the mall at 4 a.m. I have a bet with my mom and hubby that I can't be up and ready that early and I really hate to lose!

Before I go I have a couple of shopping codes if anyone needs anything:

New York & Company is having 50% off of everything in the store, sale starts online today. Also through the 29Th enter code 1609 at checkout and receive free shipping on orders over $100!

Betsey Johnson is having 40% off of their entire online store, (not sure if this is for the actual store locations as well). Just enter code BONANZA at checkout Nov 27-30.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

Emarie Creations, brought to us by sisters Emily and Samantha, specializes in products made from fabric and polymer clay. With a wide range of products such as earrings, push pins, charms, headbands, Christmas ornaments and more you are certain to find a special gift for someone on your Christmas list! Also take note that polymer clay is non-toxic and lead free so it is perfectly safe for all of the little ones in your life. Let's take a look:

Little Garden Bugs Polymer Clay Push Pins/Thumb Tacks
How cute are these polymer creations? Very to answer my own question! With this set you will receive one each of the beetle, ladybug and bumblebee. Each measuring 1 inch tall, they have also been finished with a clear gloss for durability.

Charming Cupcake Ornaments

Regular Joy De Vivre readers know that we will always celebrate a cupcake here! These charming ornaments are no exception! Also made of polymer clay, some are accented with tiny beads. They come ready for use as ornaments or on a necklace and range in size from 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch. Each cupcake is sold separately. Need a special color combo? Feel free to contact Emarie Creations and they will help you with that.

Lovely Fall Floral Headband
Perfect for fall, this floral design will match many ensembles. The leaf green, burgundy, orange, yellow, brown and blue headband is 20 inches around.

Since we know most people will be decking the halls and putting up their trees soon, we have a Christmas themed weekly prize!

This week one of the lucky readers of Joy De Vivre will be receiving this polymer snowman ornament from Emarie Creations.

All of the regulars will know the drill and please excuse me while I explain the rules to the newcomers.

Enter by:

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How easy was that! Just remember to come back Friday afternoon and see if you are our lucky winner!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great Finds at a Great Price

I adore Anthropologie. I love their perfectly girlie, vintage look, but lets face is far from being affordable. With a little shopping, though, you can find the same look for much less. Today, my bloggy friends, I have made it even easier for you! Take a look at these great finds:

This Xhilaration® Leaf Print Hinged Clutch Wallet in brown comes to us from Target. I love the brown and yellow leaf design and for only $12.99 there is no reason to resist!

I just had to pick up this Mossimo® Leaf Coin Purse in green when I saw it at my local Target.

The Automatic Open Floral Dot Umbrella
With all of these great finds at Target, it is going to be hard for me to resist stopping in!

The Peach Tulle Pom Pom Ribbon Necklace, from is a great alternative to some of the pricier versions of this look. For $14.99 this mesh and ribbon necklace is a great way be trendy, yet frugal!

Nothing says girlie like a ruffle! The Cuddless bootie from Steve Madden is a little bit more pricey, at $129, than the other items here, but oh so worth it. Available in blue, black, pink and taupe there is certainly a pair to fit into any wardrobe!

The Abigail Tulip Ruffle Gray Coat, also from the aforementioned, is pure loveliness with its peter pan collar and ruffle details. This looks so Anthro-like, but at only $84.99 it is a fraction of the price.

Forever 21 is a great go to source for affordable accessories. The quality is surprisingly great for the price, which is a bonus! This Lacquer Belly Owl Necklace would top off a fall outfit perfectly and for only $4.80! you think if I sit here and purchase all of these items I could write it off as research for my blog? ;)
Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

And Our Weekly Winner Is...

Congratulations Kay! You are the weekly winner!
Thank you so much to all who entered!
A special thanks to Sunny of Sunny Day Vintage. You did an amazing job with the feature and I wish you continued success with your shop!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thoughts of the Day

I must be getting old! Tuesday night we went to the Papa Roach show after work, which meant I only got four hours of sleep before work the next morning. Ten years ago that would not have been a problem, but now two days later I am still feeling sleep deprived! It was so worth it, though! If you like rock music and have never seen them live you must do so! Their singer Jacoby is the most energetic performer I have ever seen and is just amazing to watch. Such a great night we had!

When did Brad Pitt become 60....and Amish? And if Brad did become Amish do they approve of Angelina Jolie? I mean, sure she helps so many people now, but I am pretty sure they wouldn't be a fan of her past!

I saw this picture on Go Fug Yourself. For some reason lately I keep forgetting to visit that site, but I must start checking it out more often. Call me awful, but I just love their catty commentary on the wardrobes of the celebrities! Come on Claire Danes, when you go out wearing a sheer dress you are asking to be a Fug feature!

It is that time again! People magazine has once again told us who we think should be the sexiest men alive. Sorry to any Johnny Depp fans, but I disagree with their coverboy. He always looks so unkempt...and greasy! Do they not have showers in France? I know he has been spending a lot of time there and since doing so looks a lot dirtier than he did circa 21 Jump Street. That couldn't possibly be the case, though, since I have not seen other French people look so unclean. Plus, if French people didn't have showers why would everyone flock to Paris? No sorry, Johnny I have tried to justify it, but you are just oily for no reason and for that I can not agree with your sexy status.

Now something I can agree on...

that cutie Robert Downey Jr. Such a great actor and I am so glad that he seems to really have his life together.

David Beckham also made an appearance on the list, as did Ryan Reynolds, the Glee guys, Bradley Cooper and several others. For the full list check out People.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

Our Etsy shop this week is Sunny Day Vintage. Sunny of Sunny Day Vintage is an antiques buff and obsessive collector who started her Etsy shop this fall. "I love the search, and I think I have a good eye for quality and style," she says. "My design background – graphics and interiors – drives my creative side. I always think a touch of something old adds instant style to a room."

Sunny's shop has cool stuff for every room, and let's not forget the men in our lives! Here are her suggestions for unique gifts for men.

Horseshoes is a classic game of skill (easily played while consuming beer). Your dad or uncle may remember this set from childhood.

Sometimes he just needs a little nip to stay warm! Think football games, hiking and camping.

Vintage crates make great casual storage options, especially for the guy who collects record albums.
This week you all have a chance to win:

A set of four vintage shot glasses. The chic flared shape makes them extra special.
So here is the rundown:
One entry will be earned for posting a comment here about one of the items at
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A second entry will be earned for becoming or already being a follower on Joy De Vivre.
Good luck to you all!
As a special thanks to all of the readers of my blog
Sunny is offering 15% off any order (merchandise only) through 12-15-09 – just put "Joy" in notes to seller.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sorry For the Lack of Posting This Past Week!

I was frankly having a really crappy week! The type of week where you let awful people into your brain and they eat away at your being! Ok, maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic, but I am sure you all know what I mean!

Well it is a new week my friends and I am turning my mood around! Just because some people may want to be rude and negative doesn't mean I have to let it get to me! I have much too much to be grateful for to be a sour puss!

To help bring a smile to my face I partook in a little retail therapy:

Isn't it so Mary Tyler Moore walking down the sidewalk...."We're gonna make it after all!" :) Fingers crossed it fits, since it is sold out in most sizes.

We also celebrated baby Kaylin's first birthday. Being around great friends and seeing a baby enjoy her first taste of sugar, who couldn't smile at that!

I also spent some time planning our upcoming trip to New York at Christmas time. Gabe and I are taking my mom to see the Statue of Liberty for her gift this year.

This Sunday afternoon is coming to a perfect close thanks to a call from my little cousins Anna and Ashley. They live in Tennessee, so I don't get to see them as much as I would love to. Something about hearing little children's laughter and their little voices saying they love you and miss you makes all of the stupidity of the world fade away.

May this week be much better and to all of you happy Sunday!

And Our Winner Is...

Congratulations Susie! You are the weekly winner and have won the Hothouse Bloom A Wild Flower Brooch With Black Beads No. 1!
Thank you to all who entered the contest this week and a special thanks to Nina for letting me feature your shop!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

You Are My Sunshine is a handmade jewelry and accessories shop on Etsy. Offering necklaces, rings, pendants, brooches, bridal gear, home accents and bracelets in a budget friendly range, you will certainly find something you can't live without.

Nina, the owner of You Are My Sunshine is already thinking ahead and getting her store ready for the holiday season. There is a section, "Stocking Stuffers", dedicated to gifts for your daughters, sons, friends, teachers and anyone else you may have on your list. The best part is all of these gifts are $6 or less and come gift wrapped!

Things you will find at You Are My Sunshine:

Emerald Shabby Roses with Vintage Cross Brooch

Nina uses often uses recycled fabrics and components to create a unique look. This necklace give a new life to a sparkling emerald brooch. Mixed in with emerald shabby roses, an antique chain and deep green crystals this is truly a statement piece measuring 19" long.

Romance In Gold Crystal Earrings

Measuring 2.25" long the golden yellow cubic zirconia crystals would make a perfect gift for any girl on your Christmas list. The brass wire wrapped around is a perfect contrast to the golden yellow. They are also nickle free for those with sensitive ears!

Peridot Crystal Earrings

You would never believe that these beauties would only set you back $6! However, they really are and they are available in the stocking stuffer section of You Are My Sunshine. Made from vintage round crystals and nickle free fish hook ear wires, they measure approximately 1.25".

This week one of the lucky Joy De Vivre readers will win:

Hothouse Bloom A Wild Flower Brooch With Black Beads No. 1

A mixture of carmine red, orange peel, fern green, golden poppy yellow and mahogany come together in the fabric used to create the wild flower brooch. The size is approximately 2.75" in diameter with a 1" pin for fastening. How beautiful this brooch will look on a cardigan or hat for the winter!

It could be yours just for entering our weekly contest and being a loyal blog follower!

You will receive one entry by commenting here and telling us your favorite item from

You Are My Sunshine's Etsy shop.

A second entry will be given for being a follower of this blog.

For more information on You Are My Sunshine check out Nina's blog at:

Keep in mind that Nina gladly accepts custom orders and bridal orders.

Thank you Nina and best of luck to all who enter the weekly drawing!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Weekly Winner Is...


Congratulations Clare! You won The Factory's gift set that was custom made for our weekly prize!

A very special thank you to Ashli from The Factory for being a part of Joy De Vivre and getting a beautiful package put together for us!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

This week our Etsy shop is brought to you by Ashli at The Factory. The Factory offers necklaces, hair accessories, greeting cards, gift boxes and many other goodies. Everything is handmade, because the philosophy at The Factory is to create unique, beautiful creations for unique beautiful people...just like you!

Here on Joy De Vivre we appreciate a good cause and so does The Factory. For any pink item sold in Ashli's shop she will donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. As if that is not enough, you will also receive a $1 off coupon to use on a future purchase.

Let's check out The Factory:

An Acorn And A Locket Necklace
Featuring an antiqued brass acorn, locket, glass pearl beads and a flower hanging from a 18" brass chain this necklace is perfect for the fall.

Let It Snow Holiday Soldered Art Necklace
This 1"x 3" pendant on a 21" ribbon cord, this necklace will certainly put you in the winter spirit! The vintage looking girl on the soldered art necklace is packaged in a box with a vintage holiday theme. Sounds to me like the perfect gift: adorable necklace and it already comes wrapped!

Remember When Gift Boxes (set of 4)

The four gift boxes, size 3x2x1, are covered with pages from vintage children's books. They are great to use for jewelry or other delicate items as they are cotton filled. Contact The Factory if you need an order in a different amount. They can be custom made for you.

If you buy one of The Factory's necklaces they will come in a box similar to these as well!

Ashli has custom made a special gift set for one of our lucky readers this week!

This gift set including one ivory chiffon blossom hair clip in one of The Factory's great gift boxes made with a vintage children's book, one greeting card that is blank inside and a matching envelope.
To enter for this great giveaway:
*Check out the shop and leave a comment here about one of the great items at The Factory and
you will get one entry.
*Be a follower of this blog and get a second entry.
This week the drawing will be on Saturday at noon, so you have until then to get your entries in!

The Factory is also offering all of the Joy De Vivre readers free shipping to any of you who mention this blog at checkout. Ashli sure is spoiling you guys this week!

For more info on The Factory check out the following sites:


Monday, November 2, 2009

This Is It

Yesterday Gabe and I went to see Michael Jackson's This Is It. If you get a chance to see it while it is still in the theater it is definitely worth your time. Michael Jackson was truly an artist and he put his hand in every single aspect of his show. It was really interesting to see it all take shape.
The documentary focused on the tour he was working on. It showed everything from choosing the dancers and getting the stage and songs ready. You could see how happy he was to be working on a show again. I kept thinking that if he had to pass away so young it was at least a good thing he was able to do something he loved so much right beforehand.
Had he been able to do the tour it would have been a must see event. His voice sounded great, the dancers were amazing and the videos that they did to play as backdrops for the stage were awesome. Unfortunately, he didn't even get to perform the first show, but This Is it is a wonderful way for all of their hard work to not be in vain. He had so much talent and was such a gracious man. What I took away from the movie the most was that he was always willing to work hard and was respectful when trying to get others to see things in a different way. When he would ask someone to change something he would always end with the statement, "God bless you."
God bless you Michael Jackson. May you rest in peace.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo Tag

Happy Banyan has tagged me with a fun photo tag! How do you play along you ask? Here goes:

1. Open your first photo folder.

2. Scroll to the 10th photo.

3. Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it.

4. Tag people to do the same.

This picture was taken last December in Nashville when my mom, Gabe and I went to visit my family. In the picture are some of my cousins and my aunt who I do not get to see nearly enough! :( They have a cool, literally, attraction called Ice. Everything last year was Grinch themed and all of the decorations were made out of colored ice. It was freezing, but so neat to see how they cut all of the ice to look like the characters.

So let's see who is up, if they choose to answer the call! :)

Dry As Toast



TMC Photo

Halloween Recap

I hope you all had a great Halloween! We had a fun day with lot of food and friends!

I dressed up like Medusa, which is sort of ironic since snakes are my worst fear.

I tried to make the edible graveyard that I had posted earlier on here. It didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but it still tasted good. Turns out getting little olive eyes and mouths into an egg-not so easy! Looks and magazine photos can be deceiving.

I really liked the ghost cake idea that I got from Martha Stewart. We hated to cut it!

Livi, Kaylin, me and Adrienne. I didn't get a picture of Kaylin's mom and dad, but they were dressed up really cute. Our little ladybug was celebrating her first Halloween!

Gabe looks like he is taking Barkley and I hostage!
Unfortunately we didn't have as many trick or treaters as usual, meaning unfortunately I have tons of candy left to eat! Good for my eyes, not for my thighs! ;) I guess since Halloween was on a Saturday more parents had parties of their own, because our trick or treaters were only about a third of the usual amount. We had a few and then a few of the too cool for school kids. You know the type, the ones who throw on Mickey Mouse ears from a trip to Disneyworld and then just shove a trash bag at you. They are above uttering the words "Trick or Treat". I feel so old when I think that back when I was a kid I always said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you".
What did you all dress up as?