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Pinterest Inspired Christmas Crafting

This holiday season I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest. It has become an addiction, second only to buying pretty, sparkly things! But with Pinterest ideas getting my creativity flowing I can make my own sparkly things! Check it out:

I had seen several different versions of the craft below. Some featured the trees on top of the cars sitting out for decoration, while others put them into a jar with fake snow creating a snow globe. All were darling ideas, but for a gift to take to my coworkers I opted to glue the car on top of a jar of candy. Cute cars carrying a tree plus chocolate...they were a hit. 

To start I found some fake snow:

Next fill up mason jars with a small amount of snow at the bottom and lots o' chocolate. Tie a ribbon around the top. 

Tie an ornament on, attach a gift tag and then tie in a bow. 

Next assemble your cars. I purchased Hotwheels, but any small cars will work. Place a small dot of hot glue on top of the car then push the tree on top. 

Once the glue is cooled tie a piece of twine through the window of the car and on top of the tree. 
You are now ready to assemble your jar topper. 
Glue a ball of fake snow on top of the jar, (for this I found Tacky Glue worked better than hot glue). 
Hot glue is recommended for the last step..gluing down the car. Put a generous amount of glue on all four wheels and the entire underside of the car to ensure it stays put. 

Then you are done and have a crafty little surprise for your friends!

I have also been looking for a centerpiece for the dining room table. When I couldn't find exactly the right thing I decided to craft it from ideas I found...guess where! Yup, Pinterest. 

For this one I found some cheap glass candlesticks at the $1 store. I spray painted them gold and put then in a decorative tray. 

I found three foam cones and glitter to match my decor. To make glitter trees get Elmer's glue and put a small amount of water, I suggest 1/4 water to the amount of glue. It should be easy to brush on the foam, but not too runny. Mix the glue and water and start brushing the mixture on the cone with a foam brush. As you get a section glued begin sprinkling glitter on. I worked section by section. You may have to go over spots as it dries since the foam is very porous and requires quite a bit of glitter. 

I figured out something that I will pass on as a tip. I was having to let it dry section by section, but got the idea to use a skewer stick so that I could let the entire thing dry at once. Stick them somewhere to dry. 

When fully dry, glue your cones to the candlesticks, (I used Tacky Glue for this as the hot glue kept peeling off my painted candlesticks). 

Then viola you have created your own centerpiece! 

Have you found any Pinterest ideas that you gave your own spin to? If so I would love to see them! 
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