Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope all of my bloggy friends out there have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Signs That A Relationship is Over

Everyone would love to end up like Cinderella, with a pair of pretty glass slippers, a beautiful castle and a handsome prince. Unfortunately, that is just not in the cards for everyone. Not to mention the fact that if everyone were happy all of the advice columnists would be put out of business, Dr. Phil would not have a show and sales of Ben & Jerry's would be down and with these hard economic times everyone needs all of the business that they can get.

Sometimes when a relationship is OVER we just want to turn a blind eye to it. If only we could wake up and see reality it would save a lot of time and energy. Here are some signs that I have noticed that show that a relationship is done:

1. Your significant other looks absolutely miserable in all of your pictures together. In case you don't remember, in Cinderella, prince charming always had a smile when he saw his princess. If your other half has a scowl every time you look at them that is probably not a good sign at all. If they look as if they are trying to make a break for it in every couples picture you take, if they look like they would rather rip their arm off than have you grab it, if they look like they are taking a mug shot rather than a picture with you, just cut your losses now.

2. Your significant other wants to move in, but doesn't want to pay the bills. Do you just want to be a pit stop for someone needing room and board or do you want a relationship? If you are providing room and board, water, electricity and food and not expecting any help you are being taking advantage of. You are not the Hyatt, let him/her find their own place to live.

3. You do not get along with their parents. Now, this doesn't always have to mean the end, there is such a thing as a restraining order! Better yet, you can always follow my golden rule-Marry an orphan!

4. If you tell everyone you are in a relationship, but you haven't seen your significant other for months, they won't return your calls and have already told you a trillion times they want to be single then you need help. If you find yourself talking in third person about your relationship with him/her you need Prozac!

5. If you are making plans to have children, get married, go on a fabulous vacation, etc., with someone who does not want to be with you, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee, my friend!

If someone doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, just consider yourself lucky that they are letting you know now. Life is too short to waste time on people who do not deserve you. Consider a break up your opportunity to find someone who is worthy of you!

Monday, December 22, 2008

So Fitting...

I LOVE these little images from Anne Taintor. This year this lovely lady was in my calendar and I just love the message she is sending. :) That page is so getting framed for my kitchen!

My New Favorite Holiday

After spending hours, upon hours sitting in my house wrapping presents I would like to officially declare the 4Th of July as my new favorite holiday! It is not that I do not love Christmas, but there are some very stressful things surrounding it:

1. Shopping, which should be an Olympic sport in my opinion, (one that I would be a gold medal winner in), is so hard during Christmas. My work schedule is four 10 hours days, Mon-Thurs. Whenever I go shopping, I prefer to go on Fridays when it is not so hectic. Alas, during Christmas even my sacred Fridays are not immune to the crazy shoppers that only come out every once and again. It took me almost two hours just to drive to my favorite shopping area the other night and it generally takes 45 minutes. I just can't handle this stress on my favorite sport!

2. It is very stressful when you are expected to be jolly, just because the commercials tell you to be that way. This Christmas not everything has been happy so I just can't get into the spirit of things. One of my close friends was recently diagnosed with cancer and having to watch her deal with things is very upsetting. I think the holidays are especially hard for anyone not having a perfect life. Even if you are perfectly healthy and are single, or married with no children you are made to feel that you are missing out on the full experience of the holidays.

3. My husband always gets out of helping me out during the holidays. Once he puts three strings of lights on the roof, he is done. He tells me, "Oh, I would help you decorate, but I don't do it as well". This excuse also works when it is time to wrap gifts. Once, he wrapped half of a box and didn't have enough paper to go all the way around. He was more than happy to leave it like that, because in his words, "There is some paper to tear off. They will get the point." I secretly think that he does these duties very poorly the first time, because he knows that I am perfectionist and will pull him from the job when he does it poorly! ;) He is not fooling me!

From this point on the 4Th of July will be my favorite holiday. How can you not love having a cook out with all of your friends, decorating everything with big blue and red stars, warm summer weather and fireworks? I still love you Christmas, but you are STRESSING me out!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Holiday Spirit

Rarely does it snow here in Southeast Texas. Once, four years ago on Christmas Eve, was the first time in my life that we had enough snow to build an actual snowman. Imagine our surprise when out of the blue, well I guess I should say out of the sky, it started snowing the other day. I know that some of you out there that have to deal with snow every day are probably rather sick of it by now, but we had a great time playing in it!

My house looked like a gingerbread house by the time the night was over!

Barkley on the other hand, was probably wishing I would have left him in the warm house!

Snow seems to make me get more into the holiday spirit. There is something about celebrating Christmas in 80 degree weather and shorts that is just not as appealing as a snowy day!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mc Donald's Is Determined to Make Us Obese!

Today, as other days before it, I went to Mc Donald's for a quick bite. I was running between work and school and just wanted a little snack until I had more time to go eat lunch. I ask for one apple pie. This time, as many other times before it, the person on the other side of the menu speaker says, "Ok that will be two apple pies for $1". Then I say, "No, I just want one". Then the menu speaker girl says, "Well if you just get one it is still $1 and it is a better deal for you to get two". What is a better deal is for me to eat fewer apple pies so that I can still fit in my clothes! That my friend is a better deal!

Why can I not just get one apple pie for fifty cents? You are made to feel stupid if you just get one for a dollar, because as I have been informed MANY times it is cheaper to buy two.

I guess getting two of them and throwing one away would be just as easy, but that always makes me feel bad. Anytime I throw stuff away it reminds me of all of those homeless children in commercials who have no food. Then I start feeling guilty, because those poor kids would kill for a little apple pie. At that point after thinking about sick and hungry children I can't even enjoy the one pie that I did go there to eat!

McDonald's' please change your policy! I don't need the pressure of this whole pie thing! Oh and while your at it, please add veggie burgers to your menu! :)