Wednesday, May 7, 2008

If you haven't watched Chelsea what are you waiting for?

Saturday we got the chance to see Chelsea Handler do stand up and went to her book signing. She is literally the first person who has made me give up my David Letterman addiction. I never missed Letterman for years, until Chelsea's show Chelsea Lately started. It is so funny and fresh, funny remarks about celebrities that you know Oprah probably thinks but is afraid to say, hilarious interviews with guests and her sidekick is the cutest little person!

Chelsea was even more fun in her stand up routine. Even on E! she can't get away with most of the things she said live! I had been having a hectic week, but Chelsea made me laugh the entire time!


Amanda said...

Sounds like fun...I am going to look her up.

Kilkennycat said...

Oh wow!! Lucky you! Chelsea is awesome. I make it a point to watch her show. =D

BlueCitrusArt said...

Chelsea is funny! her and Ellen Degeneres are the funniest women in comedy. i watch her all the time with her "little nugget Chuwy". i watched her on "bad girls", remember that show?
i like your blog, i'll be stopping by often :)