Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Facts About Myself

1. I once had a near death experience with an ostrich.
2. I love reading US Weekly to see the outfits that the celebrities are wearing.
3. I hate the fake haunted houses at Halloween, but I love stories about real scary places.
4. The one place I would most love to visit would be Greece, with Italy coming in a close second.
5. I love going to concerts, musicals and especially Cirque du Soleil shows.
6. If I won the lotto I would buy a house in California to be in the sunshine, one in Florida for Disney and the beaches and one in Tennessee so I can see all of my baby cousins more often.
7. I love all of my shoes, even the impractical ones that I rarely wear. I do from time to time, though, open the boxes and tell them how beautiful they are! :)


Black Eyed Susie said...

An ostrich! My God, what happened?

Tatyana said...

hey! I had an near death experience with a black swan once! Actually I just wanted to see him closer... and he bit me on the cheek. It was traumatic!! ;)

no srsly, it was. I was 6 and thought that swans were as nice as they are pretty. I was wrong!

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

Oh you must go to Italy and Greece. I would recommend a cruise so you can see them both. They are fabulous and the people are great. I keep asking my husband when we can go back to Greece. I want to see Athens and more of the islands.