Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

Garden of Eden Designs comes to us this week from Atlanta, Georgia. In store for you are creations by Victoria a fashion merchandising and apparel design student who loves to create jewelry and designing clothes. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches can all be found here:

Zinnia Bracelet

Made of fabric and pompoms, this light weight bracelet measures 8 inches around.

Violet Brooch

Add a unique look to even the plainest of tops with this 6 inch brooch made of batik yo yos.

Hydrangea Necklace

This colorful creation is made of jersey and cotton yo yos. It measures 16 inches and is 6 inches in width.

This week if you are the lucky winner you will receive the Marigold Pin that can be worn many different ways:

To enter:

1. Check out Garden of Eden Designs. Come back here and tell us about your favorite item in the shop.

2. Be or become a follower of this blog for a second entry.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, this week the contest will run until Monday night so you all have a couple of extra days to get those entries in! The winner will be announce on Tuesday!

For more info on Garden of Eden Designs check out:

Garden of Eden on facebook:
On Twitter:
and on Blogger:


Unknown said...

cute shop!!!
I like the begonia broach best for me... but for my sister, omg so much! she's turning 21 so she needs the bday mask/pin. also she's an EK (sigma kappa) and there was an EK pin featured! cute!

Unknown said...

yes, I follow you :)

Diana said...

These are very cute, but I know I somehow can't pull this look off.

I love the looks of these fabric jewelry pieces though, I'm going to start working myself up to wearing them!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the Begonia Brooch

Unknown said...

I follow your blog! ;)

Tess Carter said...

you know... that marigold pin IS my fav from the shop! It's the perfect bit of color & flair but not too big to limit where I can comfortably wear it :)


Tess Carter said...

also following!! :D


Lauren said...

I followed...
And I'm having trouble picking an item. I love the begonia brooch, but I'm more likely to actually wear the anemone tie bracelet... but the bluebell neck-let is nice, too... really, I like anything bright and there's tons of that here.

I also have a giveaway going with an item from Etsy, if you're interested:

LadieJaye and Elegance Boutique said...

Love her style!! The Eco Friendly necklace is so cute!

Jana said...

I like the bamboo headband
so cool & funky

Jana said...

I am also a follower of your blog now....looks grrrreat!

Elizabeth W said...

My absolute favorite item is the
Dizzy Daisy 21st Birthday Set!:

So colorful!

Elizabeth W

Elizabeth W said...

I am following your blog under google connect

Elizabeth W