Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have You Seen Etsy Shop?

Cheers to July comes to us this week from Ashley in Houston. Inspired by world travels Ashley has created jewelry and accessories made of vintage buttons and gemstones. She will gladly work with customers to put together a custom creation. If you live in the Houston area, Cheers to July bracelets are available at the Joseph Keith Boutique.
Here are just a few of the items available at Cheers to July:

Turquoise Cross and Sterling Silver Beading - Brown Waxed Linen Cord Prayer Bracelet

The adjustable fit of this Turquoise cross and sterling silver Bali nugget beaded bracelet allows it to be one size fits all.

Faceted Turquoise Beaded Wrap Bracelet-Brown Greek Leather Cord-Vintage Gold Plated Button.

Wore alone or layered with other Cheers to July bracelets, this will make a beautiful year round accessory. While this listing fits 6-8 inch wrists, it can be customized to fit any size.

American Wrap Bracelet- lapis, howlite, czech glass and gold vermeil

Made with an all American theme, this bracelet is 33 inches long.

This week if you are the lucky winner you will receive your choice of two layering bracelets:

To enter simply:

1. Check out Cheers to July and come back here to post a comment on your favorite item.

2. Be or become a follower of this blog.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Saturday.

Come back Sunday to see if you are the lucky winner!


Sarah Lynn said...

I really like this bracelet:


I love the color, I wear it a lot!

K. Rock said...

Oh..this one is pretty!


Thanks for the chance!

Sheri said...

Oh Yes !
I do believe I am in love with this one
so pretty !

Sheri said...

Following your Blog with GFC !

jc said...

I like the Pink Jade and Gold Vermeil Nugget Beads - Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet with Vintage Button Closure. This is such a feminine bracelet and the hot pink is simply stunning! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Hugs to Sweet Sweet Barkley!


jc said...

I follow via gfc, thank you.


Intense Guy said...

Those are right purty!

Just stopping in to say Hi yas!


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Kristin Aquariann said...

My favorite is her Canadian Jade and Gold Vermeil Bracelet!

Kristin Aquariann said...

I'm following!

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