Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

Little Bird in a Beehive came into being on Etsy in January of this year. The creation of Benita from Melbourne, Australia, the shop houses gift tags, cards, handmade paper, accessories, earrings, brooches, and hair clips. Though Benita is now a full time secondary teacher, teaching English to students who speak other languages, she has not forgotten her childhood passion. From an early age she was a crafter, even painting found snail shells, and selling necklaces on her driveway. Now allowing the snails to keep their shells, this entrepreneur uses old book pages, watercolour, sewing and stamps to bring her ideas to life. Asked where she gets her inspiration Benita responded, "All over the place, art blogs I read, a leaf I walk past in the street, a piece of fabric I see, my mum, a bird or plant in the garden, a scrap of conversation I hear in the playground, a market, a gift..I think the more you act on the things that inspire you, the more likely things are to inspire you.. you just have to be open to the inspiration".

Busy Bee Gift Tags
Set of 8
Used as gift tags or even as glass markers and place tags, these busy bee's will add a touch of cuteness anywhere you choose to use them.

Wooden Seasons Keyring Sping

Stamped with an intricate spring image, this maple wood disk is finished with 100% natural linseed oil and a Tasmanian bead.

Bright Mod Flower Gift Card Set-3 Cards

Sending a handmade card to a special person in your life would mean so much more to them than receiving a random email! A blank page inside allows for personalization.

This week if you are the winner of the "Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?" you shall win a set of three hand drawn gift cards: To enter:

1. Check out Little Bird in a Beehive. Come back here and tell us all about your favorite item(s).

2. Be or become a follower of this blog for a second entry.

3. Be or become a fan of this blog on facebook for a third entry.

Entries will be accepted from now until noon next Monday, March 28.

Check back later that night to see who the lucky winner is!!

Good luck!

For more info on Little Bird in a Beehive check out:

Also if you are in the area Benita will be at the North Melbourne Market on June 26


Rita said...

What a cute shop! I love the idea of recycling the book pages for the fronts of those cards. Clever! I think I liked all of those cards. Especially the funky flowered ones. :)

paintingpam said...

What a neat shop and o I have not seen it!!

I love this:

oil painting DVD said...

Great site! I like how you set this up! Great images as well!...Daniel

Unknown said...

i follow you :)

yayapril at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

i liked you on fb

yayapril at gmail dot com

The Little Bird said...

:D thanks so much Heather!!

Cloud in Water said...

I had found this shop ... its great and i can tell you if you buy things from it they are wonderful. I've bought an autumn keyring and several of Benita's cards and am really delighted with them. I love the mod flower cards with gift tags and decorated envelopes .... and when she has them available again her summery boatshed cards are wonderful. Keep your eyes open for them.

Cloud in Water said...

Hi Joy de Vivre, just became a follower of your blog which I've enjoyed reading, especially seeing the other shops you introduce. Cheers

Cloud in Water said...

Also "liked" your facebook page yesterday. cheers again

Unknown said...

hi just looked at this shop. Love so many things here ... all bright and happy, but I specially like the mod flower gift card sets. THose busy bee gift tags could have so many uses as you say. Hope i win.