Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring...Glorious Spring!

This weekend the weather was so perfect that I can not be bothered by the fact that it is going to take a dismal turn this week! Who cares? I will be inside of an office building then anyway! :)

Not on the South Beach Diet, but a trip to Galveston Island isn't complete without stopping by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. If you have never been to one of their many locations the fudge is amazing...and completely worth staying on the treadmill an extra ten minutes for tomorrow! ;)

We took Barkley to the park where he ruffled a few tail feathers on the ducks there. Donald and Pluto used to get a long so well on the cartoons....hmmm wonder where Walt Disney got that idea!? And my drink of choice for sunny weather? Why Cherry Coke of course! Of course as a proud puppy mom I had to add a picture of the little fuzzball!
Apparently if aliens come down to earth they can not go swimming in the water here! LOL That picture does look very Roswell to me!
I guess the weekend drawing to a close is a good thing, because I think Barkley has had all he can handle!!
Last, but not least, Happy Birthday to my mom! And your last present from me is that I didn't put that gnome picture of you up! LOL! ;)


maggiemay0403 said...

If you had posted the picture of me with the gnome they would have shut your blog down. ha Thank you for all of the presents and for making all of my days special. Gee I must be a great Mom! ha I love you bunches and Go with God!!! Mom

jc said...

(1) Happy Birthday to your Sweet Mama!

(2) I love your fuzzball!

(3) I'm drooling over the fudge, yummy!

Rita said...

That absolutely does look like a drowning alien!! So funny!!

Sounds like you and your mom had a great time and it looks like Barkley was exhausted from all the fun and duck ruffling. ;)

Intense Guy said...


Drowning aliens and ruffled duck - almost sounds like a chinese menu entree...

:) Happy Birthday to your Mom! I hope she enjoys that last gift you gave her!!

jhitomi said...

Ha! Looks to me like the alien is surrendering!