Friday, August 5, 2011

Hi Long Lost Friends!

Well I didn't mean to run away from home for so long..but it appears that I did! I hope this finds all of you well! Let's play catch up..shall we?

My family from Tennessee came down for a visit. We had a great time, even if outdoor activities during Texas summers feel like the they are taking place in a sauna.

My cousins were jumping for joy to see me! LOL!

Brookelyn has become a mini me...shopaholics unite! So sorry to her dad for that! Must blame the genetics.

After my family visited, Gabe and I went to our favorite vacation spot...New York City.

We didn't see a show this time, but I love seeing the lights on Broadway and the posters advertising the musicals.

The Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met which was done in honor of Alexander McQueen was exceptional. I was so exited to be able to make it to the city in time to see the collection.

It is always awesome to see a familiar face in a different city! Once again the lovely Dorkys, from Dry As Toast, was a gracious host! This time we were able to meet her boyfriend Andrew who was a more knowledgeable tour guide than some of the people working for the double-decker buses! We spent the afternoon eating an assortment of yummy treats, but thankfully we walked most of those calories off. And if not those gelato pops and candies were worth it!

The Empire State Building was patriotic for the 4Th of July.

We took in the NBC tour one morning. While seeing the set of Saturday Night Live was interesting, I must say it was pretty uneventful. The only studio tour I have ever found to be worth the price was the Warner Brothers one out in LA for anyone planning a trip out there.
I finally got to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!!!!! I have always wanted to, but never got around to it until this trip. Here we are with Mark, our friend from the city, who we have since adopted as our lil brother.

After we came back from the city, sad to leave our favorite place and friends that are always a blast to be around, I came back to working 60+ hours a week. Not that I am complaining, jobs are hard to come by nowadays...but it has left me leaving the things I enjoy doing sitting by the wayside. Which is why I have not checked in with you all lately!

How have you been? Please fill me in! :)


jc said...

Welcome back sweetie! Looks like you had a blast of a time! I don't see Barkley, how's the cutie?

Intense Guy said...

Wow - You were busy!

Sorry I've not commented soon - been under the weather for a couple weeks.

I'm impressed you walked over the bridge. I don't think I could do that. I enjoyed seeing you with Dorkys!