Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Thoughts While Watching the Golden Globes

Seeing as how the Golden Globes supply the attendees with liquor all night you would think the show would be a little, no a LOT, more entertaining. Since it did not hold my attention my mind started are the outtakes: 

Why does Kelly Osbourne look like the lady on the card game Old Maid? Talk about growing up too fast. And she is so cute with normal colored hair. 

Johnny Depp always scratches. Does he have fleas? He should just stay dressed up like a pirate everyday. It really fits him better.

Instead of nice pleasant music when people take too long with their acceptance speeches there should be people on the side stage screaming profanity at them to hurry up. That should work and for the record I would like to sign up for when Madonna is up there. 

Speaking of Madonna...does Elton John secretly want to gouge her eyes out with his teaspoon for talking about Lady Gaga in her recent interviews? And why does she try to make everyone around her feel like an imbecile? 

Elle Macpherson how do you do it? You look the same as you did when I was 18! I sadly do not. 

I bet Snoop Dogg would love to date Emily Blunt so he could introduce her. He would probably want to take her name if they were married. 

George Clooney...just when I decide it is time to retire you from my top 5 there you go being charming and plop yourself right back on the list. 

Somewhere along the way I fell asleep only to be awoken by none other than Robert Downey, Jr. And with the best we shall end this post!

photo via pinterest


Jessie said...

Johnny would be better as a pirate all the time. lol I do not like Madonna. She just needs to stop, go away and raise her family out of the public eye. I don't watch the awards, but maybe I should so I can make fun of them. ;)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

You should Jessie! :)

Intense Guy said...

If the golden globes were the ONLY award show for these primadonnas I might watch...