Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Late on the New Year Post

So it is 13 days into the new year and I am just getting around to the first post. Shame on me! I hope this finds all of you getting into the swing of 2013 and that is isn't mistreating you yet! 

My 2012 ended and 2013 began in my favorite city, New York. We had a great time, saw some amazing friends and met some awesome new ones. Here are a few shots:

42nd Street

The World Trade Center Memorial. It was so sad, so beautifully memorialized and something I would suggest everyone see. 

Holiday decorations on 5th Avenue early in the morning when you could actually walk on opposed to any other time when there was a fat chance of that happening. 

The Empire State Building had its own light show for NYE's. It was stunning! 

The obligatory Time's Square picture if you are there on New Year's Eve aka I am taking this damn picture to prove I was here on this day, because it will never happen again. The reason why Dick Clark was there for years and Ryan Seacrest has been holding down the fort in Time's Square the past several is because they have security, and can move about to heated interiors....with restrooms, and available food. Normal people are not going to sit there for 13 hours more than once in their lives. Glad I did it...once! :) 

Fill me in on what has been going on with you all so far this year!! 

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Intense Guy said...

Happy belated New Years!!!