Thursday, November 8, 2007

Counting the days until summer rolls back around

Reasons I hate fall and winter:

I live in an area that the leaves do not change and look pretty, they just shrivel up and die.

I can not get outside and do anything. Mind you I generally am not an outside person anyway, but I like to have the option just in case.

You have to wear jackets everywhere and they are a pain to have to carry.

Walmart starts playing Christmas songs at the start of fall and it gives me anxiety attacks because I have not yet started Christmas shopping, even though every year I tell myself I am going to start in July. I also do not have my tree up before Halloween like they do!

The time changes and it is dark by the time I get home. By 8:00 I feel like I should be going to bed. I am so turning into a Golden Girl! Maybe I can fit in the 4:00 special at Denny's before I turn in for the night.

For a while I will try to cheer myself up by wearing my cute new boots and jackets. After that I will just picture myself on the beach, 5 pounds lighter, with a cute outfit. If I am going to dream I am going to make it worthwhile!


Felicia said...

LOL You are so right about that Walmart Christmas music!

Jaime said...

I agree about the Walmart Christmas music - it makes me crazy! Well, Walmart makes me crazy, too :) LOL I am sad to hear you don't like fall and winter - they are my FAVORITE seasons! Kind of ironic, but you've inspired me to make a list of reasons I like those seasons on my own blog.
Hey - you have a great shop on Etsy. I love to see shops with a variety of products - shows that the owner is truly talented in many areas! I especially love your peacock photo - what amazing colors! Keep it up!