Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My life has become a sci fi movie...

One that includes frogs, tiny frogs, taking over the universe!
If you look at that little thing sitting above, minding its own business it looks harmless. And yes, as my husband has made me perfectly aware I am 1000 times bigger than it is,(he used to say 100 times bigger, but has since raised it to 1000! I need to lay off the leftover Halloween candy I suppose).
While one tiny frog does not a sci fi script make, imagine, if you will, 100's of them! Everywhere! Jumping! and sticking! TO EVERYTHING! Frogs on my driveway! Frogs on my windows! Frogs on my doors! Frogs on my living room wall! At least I am not heartless so the frogs in the house are always followed by screams of "Get it, Get it! But don't hurt it!" Where did these critters come from. I do not have a pond, nor can I fathom the fact that one of my neighbors in a subdivision would be housing a secret tadpole breeding facility!
But lately I have came across a revelation! One in which is so insightful that I realize I have single handily created my own frog issue! You see, despite my fear of creatures that can jump up high and stick to me, I love frog garden statues. I think they are so cute outside. What, I now understand, has happened is that these frogs have all congregated to my yard, because they are coming to pray for what they believe is their own froggie God! (Please see Exhibit A on the right) They have made a pilgrimage to come and worship the shrine that I have set up for them.
Now I must learn to live in harmony with these frogs. I know that anything that is so devoted as
to find their way from afar tadpole ponds can not be that bad. I am just grateful now that I didn't buy that fake alligator. When those things started showing up my chihuahua would have been in serious trouble!

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