Friday, October 17, 2008

Mum's the word, but what is it saying?

Homecoming mum's are a tradition that has always baffled me. I have never understood why girls across the country would get all ready for their school's homecoming game and then cover up their entire outfit, their entire body in most cases, with a whole slew of ribbons and flowers.
What makes it even worse is that the mum is a status symbol of sorts. The girl who only has one flower on her mum is made to feel inferior to the girl whose parents, or boyfriend, splurged on three flowers! If you are really well off you have the fancy schmancy mum with three mums, teddy bears, whistles and so many ribbons that you have to pick up the ends to keep from tripping over it.
I don't think that the person who invented the saying, "Your daughter is blossoming into such a lovely young lady", meant the saying literally.

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