Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Sexist!

First, let me give my disclaimer that I am not trying to put any political view out there. I also am not condoning spending $150K of someone else's money, even though I am a shopaholic myself so not pointing fingers if you choose to spend your own money at say Nordstorm.

I just find it odd that I have never seen the breakdown of how John McCain or Barack Obama spend their clothing budgets. Why is it that since she is a woman we know exactly how much every item of clothing she wears costs? We don't know if Obama and McCain are wearing Men's Wearhouse suits or Armani. And guess what!? We will never know, because they are men!


Jess said...

I never thought about that. You are right though - we'll never know!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Such a good point. I'm not a Palin fan exactly but if she was dressed in clothes from Target, they would have lambasted her for that too. I just want common sense and fairness across the board.