Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Few Things that I Have Realized

I celebrated my 34th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I use the term celebrated loosely, meaning I greatly enjoy the cake and presents, but would rather just continue to say that I am 29. I realize now, though, that I am no spring chicky and I need to do a few things to get prepared.

1. Start saving up now for botox. I could also try to get on E!'s Dr.90210, because I think the people on there usually look amazing.
2. Start memorizing the menu for Denny's since I will soon be getting the senior citizen discount! Nothing like a Moons over my Hammy at 3 pm!
3. I must get better at bingo! I really suck at it and I must start winning if it is going to help me supplement my income when I retire!
4. Stop checking my mail. Yesterday I was feeling just fine. I was having a good hair day and not feeling TOO old, until I opened my mailbox. Inside was a brochure, not addressed to resident, but with my full name, so they knew EXACTLY who they were targeting. What you may ask, was this brochure that was the catalyst for me writing this blog and for making me feel twice my age? It was for a hearing aid! Maybe I can't see quite as well as I used to, but gosh darn it I can still hear!


Dorkys Ramos said...

Happy belated bday!! Embrace every single year you're given :)

Celina said...

Happy Birthday! And don't feel bad--I woke up one morning a month ago and found wrinkles. Real wrinkles that magically formed overnight!!! Ugh!