Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday

Puppies and cupcakes! How's that for a Happy Monday? :)
Barkley REALLY enjoyed his first Sprinkles cupcake this weekend! LOL! I hope you all had a great one. I tried to recuperate after being in Vegas and then immediately going back to work. I will post pics soon...promise!
What did you all do this weekend and what is going on in the week to come?


Intense Guy said...


Barkley is a lucky pooch!

I took a bus tour to West Virginia to take a couple train rides - I'm still trying to rest up from my weekend too!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

LOL Intense! I hope he realizes it! Ooh that sounds like fun! My dad always wants to go on a train ride and I always promise him I will take him one day! :)