Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So What Are You Going to be for Halloween?

I am so excited! I received my Mad Hatter outfit yesterday and I absolutely love it. Halloween is such a fun day and this year I have a trip lined up and fun times ahead!
What are you all going to be this year? Any plans already?


Intense Guy said...

Wow.. is that you modeling the outfit?


I'm going to be "away from home" for Halloween - like usual to avoid the little "pests" that bang on the door...

Bahumbug huh? LOL - actually I'll be out of town on business.

Rita said...

No dressing up for me. I hardly get any kids even in my building.

Is that you in the picture? Very cute, sexy outfit! Have fun!! :):)

Jessie said...

I wasn't going to dress up this year, but I was looking at old Halloween photos and it made me want to dress up!! I think I am going to be Minnie Mouse. Once I know I am sure I will post it on my blog. Your costume is really cute!!! :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Intense Guy-You and Rita are much too kind! :) I wish that were me! LOL And here I am hoping I can get home in time to hand out candy! Have a safe trip!

Rita-We were the same when we lived in our apartment. We never had children stop by. Now we have many trick-or-treaters.
Thank you! I so hope we do and I will be posting pictures of our adventures. LOL

Jessie-Oh that will be so cute if you dress up like Minnie Mouse! Can't wait to see pictures! Thanks so much! We are going out of town so I wanted something a little different than my previous costumes!