Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buried by Holiday Cheer

Am I the only one feeling a little overwhelmed by Christmas this year? It could be the fact that the likelihood of having a day off is looking slim for me in the foreseeable future, but the stress level is rising. Presents to buy, presents to mail and the fact that my dining room table is still piled with ornaments left to find their perfect place on the tree is making me feel more like the Grinch than jolly St. Nick!

I have at least started though:

The small tree in my living room is up and fully decorated in gold, purple and wine. I am really beginning to enjoy that tree so much that is has me contemplating a larger tree for that room. Please remind me that I am crazy if I mention to you all next year about buying yet another tree! ;) One 7 foot tree and three 3 feet trees have found their way into my home so I do believe I need to stop the madness! The bright lights of Christmas do somehow have a calming effect, despite the mad dashes to and fro that come with the season.

So as I try to dig myself out of the piles of Christmas decor, Barkley has found himself right in the middle of them. I swear I have more pictures of the pupster than some of my friends have of their real non furry children. I don't know if that is sadder for them or for me! LOL!

Where do you all stand on your preparations for the big day? Please tell me I am not the only one running behind!


Rita said...

Doing okay--but then I don't have much to do--hehe! ;) I have a grown child and I think I have more pictures of my cat than of him--ROFL! It's blogging--I blame blogging! :):)

TMCPhoto said...

I do as much or as little decorating as I feel like each year. As long as we have a tree up that's all we worry about

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

I definitely know the feeling! We haven't even started decorating yet! I just looked at the date today and realized time is quickly running out! aaaaaaah!

Intense Guy said...

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind. Heck, I just celebrated Thanksgiving!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Rita-LOL that is funny! Just so long as he doesn't get jealous you are fine! LOL! Blogging made you do it! :) It is addicting taking cute little pictures though!

TMC-I finally got mine up completely! I am so glad for that. I like your take on it..just as much as you feel like! Sounds like a great plan!

Tsuki-Time is running out so fast and there is so much to do! it makes me feel crazy at times thinking about it!

Intense-LOL as long as you celebrate Christmas by Valentine's Day I think you are good! :)