Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Monday!

I know I have just about missed Monday altogether, but I wanted to say hello! Plus I came bearing gifts in the form of this beautiful sunset photo from flickr. See if I would have been early you all would have been greeted with pictures of cereal or a happy face and may never have seen this gorgeousness. :)

How was your weekend?

After finishing up a very long work week on Saturday I finally managed to get my Christmas shopping finished. Whew! I was cutting it close this year!

Three more days and then vacation time! At this point I am looking forward to time off as much as I am looking forward to the Christmas festivities! Barkley, my blanket, fuzzy slippers and old movies are the plan for the beginning of my week off next week. Am I getting old when I am excited to rest? LOL! At this point I am too tired to care! ;)

Speaking of fuzzy slippers, how cute are these? I wonder if it is too late to add them to my Christmas list, though I am pretty sure my pup would think they were his toys and rip them to shreds.

They are just a tad bit more practical than the other cat inspired shoes that I purchased this past weekend:

LOL! Just a little different from the tiger slippers! Though something tells me after a night out wearing these I will need those comfy slippers.

Fill me in on your lives! I have missed chatting with you all!


Intense Guy said...

Hmm... well - today I went to the wine store to buy a couple gifts - and forgot one - so I have to go back.

I forgot my computer password and had to have the IT dude help me out.

My cellphone battery died today because last night I got out the charger and put it down to answer the door (UPS guy for my neighbor) and forgot the phone.

I'm afraid to go to the bathroom because I'm afraid I'll forget to pull my zipper down - or up... or put things away before I pull it up...


Rita said...

I love those slippers!! Gorgeous sunset!

My son and daughter-in-law were hear last night and we had a really special night with lots of laughter. I am in high spirits and busy organizing stuff from my desk while watching/listening (and occasionally singing along) to lots of Christmas choirs and concerts on TV.

Merry Christmas!! :):)

jc said...

Those fuzzy slippers are simply adorable, can't blame Barkley really, lol!

Nothing exciting over here, just last minute frantic Christmas shopping, short of cat fights in the shopping mall.


Lots of Hugs to You and Barkley.