Monday, February 7, 2011

Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?

While "Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?" has been on hiatus I have not forgotten about bringing you all wonderful shops! Well the feature is back and I think you all will agree we have an exciting new crop of creations to profile!

First up, getting us started in a big way, is A La Mode Arts a fine-art photography shop. The person behind the shop is Donna from Pennsylvania, who lists photography, painting, drawing and writing as just some of her passions. With such a wide variety of interests there is no wonder Donna fills A La Mode Arts with a range of items such as prints, photo jewelry, bookmarks and cards all featuring her look at natural settings. Her work has also been displayed in museums, magazines such as National Geographic KIDS and in private collections, just to name a few.

Let's see what you can find at A La Mode Arts.....


So eerily beautiful "STORM" is printed on Kodak Endura lustre paper. This 8X10 print is shown in the frame for sample purposes only, but you can find more information on A La Mode Arts.


The stunning purple flower in this 10X10 photo is certainly eye catching to say the least. The Kodak Endura paper will ensure a satin like sheen.


This 5X7 print will make you feel like a traveler when it mentally transports you to far off locales.

This week Donna would like to offer you a choice in your prize, should you be the lucky winner of "Have You Seen This Etsy Shop?" A La Mode Arts edition! If your name is drawn next Sunday then you can choose two 5X7 prints from the shop as your prize! Will you choose "Wish You Were Here" featured below or did other prints catch your eye?

How to enter:

1. Check out A La Mode Arts! Come back and fill us in on your favorite items!

2. Be or become a follower of this blog.

3. You can now earn a third entry by becoming a facebook follower of Joy De Vivre as well, (there is a link over to the left if you so desire).

Entries will be accepted from now until Sunday at noon! Check back Sunday night to see if you are the lucky winner!

For more on Donna and A La Mode Arts check out her blogs at:

• BlogSite -
• Art blog -
• Personal blog –

and be sure to friend her on facebook at:

There is now a winner for this week's giveaway.

Please check back Tuesday for the next installment.


Rita said...

You're going to think I'm crazy with the weather we've had, but I think Winter Wonderland is my favorite. It would be hard to choose because I love flowers and she had so many gorgeous shots of flowers to pick from. Very nice shop. :)

Sarah Brown said...

Traveler and With Love are my fav's. But I really think this shop has a lot of very lovely photographs. I like photos of flowers and she has a lot of lovely one's there! I am going to be favorite-ing her shop!

Intense Guy said...

I like how eye-catching the colors are in "Velvet".

"Natural Lines" and "Sunshine" both just call to me... urging me to fall into the scene.

All the photos are really pleasing to the eye.

Valerie said...

I love the "Storm" print! Thanks for sharing this great etsy shop!

BECKY MAY said...

I love etsy! There are some amazing thigs out there!

The Flower Girl


SimplySavvy said...

Powder room floral is perfect for the guest room and Antique Rose - beautiful collection!
sslguzman (at) gmail (dot) com

HavannahSoy said...

i absolutely love this shop! so beautiful! i have two favorites - kitten, because it is so cute, and solstice, because it is so beautiful! absolutely love it!

my email is missbanana(at)dwx(dot)com

HavannahSoy said...

i am also a follower of this blog!

my email is missbanana(at)dwx(dot)com

Birgit said...

I adore this picture !

danaan at gmx dot at

Birgit said...

Following your blog on GFC!

danaan at gmx dot at

Cameron said...

So pretty they are....but my love of trees drew me to Good Morning and Scroll :)


Ingrid said...

I love the sunshine print - sunflowers are my favorite!!

lifewithjding (at) gmail (dot) com

dorottyazsofia said...

I love Spring Velvet and Early Autumn :)!

dorottyazsofia said...

Also, I like you on fb (as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi)

Anonymous said...

Love Note and Pie Date are my favorites - thanks so much!

ang_vaughan at yahoo dot com

sandyandcosmo said...

I love "A Different View" because of the sepia colors and the perspective, and "Scroll" because you can see all those amazing branches highlighted against the sky. But it's hard to choose, they're all beautiful!

sandyandcosmo said...

I also follow your blog through GFC as sandyandcosmo.

The Smith Family said...

I think I NEED this pretty yellow flower's so sweet!


LeahB said...

My fave is the An Apple A Day photograph...would love it for my kitchen!

Ashley said...

I really like the Raspberry Breakfast print.

Sew Me Mine said...

favorites are Blossoms ---- 8x12 Fine-Art Photograph & P R O F I L E ---- 8x12 Fine-Art Photograph


Sew Me Mine said...

following your blog


Sew Me Mine said...

following you on facebook,


aubrie said...

My favorite is "Raspberry Breakfast." I can't stop staring at it!

very married said...


This is lovely!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is....Scroll ---- 8x12 Fine-Art Photograph. So pretty.


Anonymous said...

I am a follower now!!


Traci said...

My favorite of all was Pie Day. I liked another of the apple photos too but the color in pie day definitely topped it. Bella was pretty also.

traci2324 at gmail dot com

Traci said...

I'm following this blog now!!!

traci2324 at gmail dot com

Jacqueline said...

i love "scroll"! its very dramatic :)

Jacqueline said...

im a gfc follower

Susan said...

I just love the storm print is is so nice! suelee1998 @