Saturday, February 5, 2011

On Such a Winter's Day...

When I heard on the local news that Houston weather was colder than Alaska I knew there was only one thing to do....go towards the sun! And that I shall do, though I must wait a couple of weeks. Somehow having tickets in hand to the Golden State is already making me feel better though!

Question for you all...I have never had a chance to fully explore San Francisco. Any suggestions on must see spots?


Intense Guy said...

By all means ride the cable cars!!

Oh gosh, San Fran is such a fun town! you will have a blast!! Oh and dress warmly! It's never very hot there -

You can spend hours in Fisherman's Wharf (there is an aquarium and tons of places to eat and shop there) and you can ride the cable car there and get a boat ride to the Alcatraz the federal prison that is out on an island in the middle of the bay...

...and don't forget to ride over the golden gate bridge!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

OOH it bad that I want to sing the Rice-a-Roni song while riding the cable cars. I hope I spelled that right, I haven't eaten that in awhile! LOL! Yeah I was a little worried about the temperature there. I will bring lots of layers. The Golden Gate is a MUST! I would love to do Alcatraz if there is time and I know my friend wants to go to this haunted hotel.

Thanks so much for the info! You know I will come bearing pics when I get home!