Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Into Every Life a Jerk Will Wander

And when that jackhole shows up we must be prepared! I have been pondering lately the best ways to deal with unbearable folks. Here a few ideas:

1. Buy them a trip to Tahiti, a one way ticket of course. Sure this may be pricey, but so are the therapist and antidepressants you will need if you keep dealing with said annoyance. Also I truly believe in karma and treating your enemies with such kindness is a surefire way to have only good things come your way.

2. Pray for their families. If you only have to deal with the offender on a small scale, imagine the poor people who must live with that day in and day out. Bless their hearts, as my southern grandma used to say.

3. When you just have to get the frustration out, but the situation is not such that you can speak your mind come up with code words. Trust me this works! A friend of mine has taken to the use of the word smurf when wanting to use inappropriate language. The smurfing idiots will not get the joke, but you will smile on the inside. Papa Smurf on the other hand...not so proud of your antics.

4. If all else fails just look on the bright side...someone has to fill up the pages of fml. If you can make another person laugh at your misery then perhaps it served a purpose!


Jessie said...

Great advise. I may start replacing bad words with "smurfing". lol ;)

Intense Guy said...

I like option #2.

I hope you weren't visited by someone of this sort recently? Those trips to Tahiti would bankrupt me - and it's not that big an island....