Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis the Season...

to adorn everything with glitter, lights and all things shiny! Every year I swear I am going to stop adding to the Christmas ornament collection that already takes over our garage eleven months out of the year. As witnessed below with a few of my latest additions every year I lie to myself.

Barkley enjoys the shade from the tree. I swear he was a cat in a previous life!
How is everyone? Any last minute shoppers stressing out like myself? Or are you all much more organized?


Intense Guy said...

I just got done wrapping the presents for tomorrow - but still have my older brother and family "to do" - but I dont have to do that until Jan 6. :)

I can see why you just have to get these ornaments!! So pretty!

Honkus Grogana said...

I LOVE the green bird!