Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome Back...

For the past week this has been my life..

Amoxicillin, Halls and the Ellen Show. (On a side note thanks to Ellen for replaying the David Beckham H&M ad over and over. I thought of it as a get well gift from the universe!). While sitting around with an earache, viral infection and general yuckiness I had several self realizations:

1. After having a dream that someone was breaking in the house I woke up not sure if the intruder was real or a dream. Being so out of it I sat there thinking that if it were indeed a true break in that they would just have to come in because I was too tired to run fast. This brought me to the conclusion that I need to start my exercise regimen back. 

2. I may perhaps be..ok this is hard and I can't believe I am going to say it..not the best puppy mom ever. I may in fact be an enabler. The vet seems to think Barkley is overweight. I cover his ears when she spouts these words because who wants a puppy with an eating disorder. There were days while I was home all week that the fuzzy wanted to go outside to bark at the neighbors dog. Instead I enticed him back to a lovely level of quietness by giving him treats. Several times. Several days. 

3. I also realized that I need to pay closer attention to details. Who knew Halls cough drops talk to you now?  Well not talk, I was not THAT out of it, but they have "a pep talk in every drop". I realize that these are supposed to be words of encouragement, but some of them are questionable when one is ill. "You got it in you"-well I certainly hope so. Who wants to croak from an earache? That doesn't even make for an exciting story! "Flex your can do muscle"-I am not familiar with that muscle, but I am quiet sure it was just as tired as my legs were,(see above story about possible home invasion). "Put a little strut in it". How pray tell can one strut if they can't even put on their shoes? 

4. No offense to Halls, but I also realized that retail therapy is better than any pep talk. So I purchased the Pantone scarf by Tolani: 

Well I am kidding no one with that realization, retail therapy is not new to moi, but those little color swatches and the overall cheery feel of this made me smile. And bonus it will look great with everything.  

I hope this finds you all well! Happy weekend! 


Jessie said...

I hope you are feeling better! That scarf is amazing!! The worst part of being is sick is the crazy dreams that the cold medicine makes you have. I have the same problem! I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog! It means a lot. I will probably start posting some recipes on my blog here and there. I can't seem to inspire anyone is my "real" life to change their eating habits, but maybe I can help some bloggers! lol
Have a great weekend! I will check out that hotel in San Diego! Thanks.

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Sounds like Barkley just needs to walk and run with you a little!

Now to stay welll - and flex that can do muscle... whereever it is!