Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope you all are enjoying what is left of your weekend! Mine was great....for the most part:
We started it off by heading to downtown Houston for the annual International Festival. There we met some of our friends for a wonderful afternoon. 
Once we had seen all of the festival several times we decided to explore the area. It is funny how even when you have lived somewhere your whole life there are still things you have yet to see. One of those places was Lucky Strike, a very hip bowling alley. The picture above gives a clue as to who won the was not I! :( Not that I am a sore loser...too much. 
Our weekend took a different direction later in the night when Barkley dislocated his knee. My poor fuzzy son was in too much pain to wait until the morning so we spent several hours at the pet ER. Thankfully I am happy to report that after his medication the vet believes he will heal properly. Fingers crossed! 

How was your weekend? Do share details! 


Jessie said...

I am glad that your puppy is okay! I spent my weekend shopping for stuff for our guest bedroom, it was fun! It was a beautiful weekend.

Intense Guy said...

Oh no! I hope Barkley is feeling much better today!