Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Avengers

So did you go to the movies this weekend? Chances are if you did you went to see The Avengers.

Being a HUGE Robert Downey Jr. fan I could not be happier that The Avengers not only managed to save the world, but also kicked some Harry Potter butt to have the top US box office debut EVER! 

If you did see The Avengers did you love it? I thought it was remarkably well done! Each actor did a superb job with their scenes and the story was easy to follow whether or not you you had an understanding of each characters' backstory. Having grown up loving the Hulk I enjoyed seeing Mark Ruffalo bring him back to life. Plus it was the only movie that I have ever been able to sit through and stay wide awake at a midnight showing, so that in itself says a lot for its entertainment value! 

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