Friday, May 11, 2012

A Sad Day...

While I had already heard the bankruptcy news surrounding Betsey Johnson I was very saddened to find this in my inbox this morning:

While normally my eyes would light up with delight from a great sale, the fact that I will no longer see
 Betsey Johnson stores is really depressing to me. Just passing by her shops filled with bright pinks, glitter, sequence and bows, (have I told you all that I think I may possibly have been a drag queen in a previous life), makes my heart flutter! 

For years I would walk past the local Betsey shop. Unfortunately at the time I had a minimum wage job that even made Target out of reach, so the lovely wares of Ms. Johnson were not going to happen. I told myself that one day when I had a "real" job that would be my first place to make a purchase. Well when that job came, along with hours and hours of overtime, I waltzed right into Betsey and bought myself the prettiest shirt I had ever owned:

Thanks for the memories Betsey! 


Unknown said...

awww I had no idea! with bright colors being soo popular right now, I would have thought she would be doing well :/

Jessie said...

WOW, that is shocking to me. I haven't even been in one! :( We drove by one while in Santa Barbara California last year. I love all the bright colors.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Leah-I think her stuff was just priced high for the age group that it was marketed towards. I love her looks though. :(

Jessie-They are really cute stores. The girls that work in our local one are very sweet too. I hate to see all of them be put out of work. :(