Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Since my last post I have been knee deep in home decor, both for my class as well as home. I also spent the weekend decorating for Halloween.  I promise to post pics of some ghouls I recreated from Pinterest. 

I did get to see something interesting the other day...a space shuttle flying on a plane. That, my friends, you do not see every day! 
  This was the view from my work. Since we work down the street from NASA, where the shuttle did a flyover, we received great photo ops. 
 After work we headed over to see the Endeavor as it stopped over for the night in Houston. 
 Speaking of Interior Design, here is a peek of my projects:

The one above is for the Arts and Crafts style, below is Mid Century Modern. 

What have you all been up to? 


Intense Guy said...

Oh wow! That must have been sooo cool to see!!!

(Have you seen Superman Returns?)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

It really was Intense! I think half of Houston showed up that night to take pics!

Jessie said...

I am sure you are having a blast with all the Interior Design stuff. It's so much fun. It's so cool that you were able to get photos of the plane! I'm jealous I don't live out there.