Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Crue is back!

There is NOTHING like going to a loud, crazy, rock show! We had the extreme pleasure of having front row pit tickets in Dallas for Cruefest and it was awesome!

Trapt, Sixx AM, Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Motley Crue all performed. Trapt was cool, although I really only knew a couple of their songs. Sixx AM was the second band to perform. I had absolutely no complaints to seeing Nikki Sixx perform twice in one night as he is my favorite rock dude! :) Sixx AM was amazing on all accounts and sounded even better live than on their CD, which is something that rarely happens. Papa Roach put on a great show and their singer, Jacoby, worked his bootie off! He was running all over the arena, which I am sure did not impress the security that had to help get him back on stage, but it was great that he cared enough to go back to the fans who could not see as well. Buckcherry is not and will never be my favorite band. They were the low point of the night for me, but others seemed to enjoy them. Maybe if their singer would add a few more words to his vocabulary besides the f word or boobs it would be a little more interesting. Note to Josh Todd, Tommy Lee get away with acting that way and still be cool and charming. You Mr. Todd just came off as a perverted, wanna be rocker.

Motley Crue was so freaking amazing! I lost my voice from yelling all night and trust me that is no easy feat as I talk enough to have built up stamina! :) I haven't seen them perform in such a long time, but the show made up for the wait. Life is beautiful, just like the Sixx AM song, especially when you are a few feet away from Nikki Sixx at the best rock show this summer! Good times!


Unknown said...

sounds like a great time:)

Jessica Haley said...

You're in Dallas--I'm in Houston!!

Your concert sounds like fun.

Love your name, my shop {and daughter} comes from that expression--MiaJoie

Have most people heard of it? I thought it was common place, but a lot of people have not heard of joie de vivre.

admin said...

Wow! And great photo!