Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yet Another Set of Things in Life I Will Never Understand

1. Why do the stores now have self check out, but yet you do not get a discount for being your own cashier? They are saving money by you doing the work! Hmm...

2. Why would people want their 15 minutes of fame bad enough to go on some of these reality television shows? I would not want to be famous for making a fool out of myself in front of Simon Cowell, eating some random nastiness on Survivor or being told that I look like a drag queen on America's Next Top Model! If you have what it takes that is one thing, but some people should have the sense to know that they do not!

3. Why is it when I go to the art museum I see canvases with one color swiped across it, a whole exhibit full of nothing but clothing tags, paintings with just paint splattered in various colors, but I can not sell artwork on Etsy to save my life?

4. Why do people mistreat the homeless when the average American is only a few paychecks away from being that way as well?


Anna said...

I think the self check out is supposed to be easier than waiting in line. You don't get a discount because you "get" to check out yourself. But good point, I never thought of it like that.

I have no idea for the other ones. I think people will do anything just to say they've been on TV. Or maybe they really think they are a good singer (for example, on American Idol). For being homeless, I don't know, maybe people think that will never happen to them or think that homeless people somehow did something to deserve getting that way (which isn't true most of the time).

haha, interesting post. :) I like your paintings too.

Crystal said...

Good thoughts.