Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whatever happened to good television shows?

I am so bored with television at this point! When I was younger there were shows that I couldn't wait to watch every week. Three's Company, The Cosby Show and others that would get the whole family together after dinner, those do not exist in this day and age!

Now all of the shows are either reality television programs or just the same old ideas being rehashed over and over! Tila Tequila is not exactly appropriate for a child to watch as a reward for getting their homework done early! Not that I have a child, but actually many of those shows, like Tila Tequila are not even appropriate for my furry child Barkley to watch! Is there not one writer in all of Hollywood that can come up with something more original than the new 90210? Didn't they learn 15 years ago that that Brenda chick was really horrible in real life?

I guess until there are some more quality shows I will continue to watch E! and question such life changing things as:

1. Why in the world doesn't someone give that little Debbie Matenopoulos a sandwich? She looked perfectly fine when she was regular size on The View.

2. Why has no one told Denise Richards that you get more wrinkles when you frown?

3. How does Hugh Hefner who is married and has three girlfriends on the side still come off as a guy who respects women?

4. Why do we need to see yet another True Hollywood story about why Britney Spears is troubled? Isn't she still trying to figure that out? So how at this point can some unnamed source that has probably never even met the girl tell what her deepest issues are?

5. Why is Pamela Anderson getting her own show? Is there anything about her life that has not been plastered all over the tabloids already? Since the commercials show Tommy Lee in them it will surely have a level of humor, but I just don't know what else Pam could possibly have to show us!

Well that is my boredom speaking for the night! And just for the record if there is ever a remake of Wonder Woman I so want to move to Hollywood, become an actress and try out for that part! I am so down with being a powerful girl with cool accessories!


Melissa said...

OMG, I totally agree! TV is soooo boring lately!

Glassgardenswhatnot said...

I'm with you all the way. Reality shows are the same old, same old and most seem phony and rigged. I watch movies most of the time.

PAC said...

So true! I still love my Friends re-run shows!