Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Fun Time Had by All

So we had a great night celebrating Halloween. Our neighborhood has tons of trick or treaters so we always get to meet new people and see all the cuties in their little costumes. Many of the adults even dress up, so we decided to get into the spirit. My friend's son came over and we went door to door with him as well. I was even offered candy since I was dressed for the occasion, but my days of trick or treating are long gone, as I am old and my thighs do not need any more candy!

Barkley trying to figure out this whole Halloween thing:

My mom after dressing up with all of her coworkers as dalmations. Thank you Lord, she can stop barking at me now!

Me trying my hardest to look like Johnny Depp, except for the skirt part! Oh and the plastic pumpkin, blonde hair...ok maybe on second thought, my Johnny Depp look failed! :)
And Gabe, whose costume probably wouldn't have went over very well if he would have went into the bank in this get up! Although, he would have been famous...on the 10 o'clock news!


Dorkys Ramos said...

Aww great costumes! And I think you look way better in the pirate outfit than Johnny Depp did (he was kind of a hot mess). Happy to hear you had fun yesterday!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

And a fun time was had by all !