Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reasons Why I Find Football Ridiculous

  1. Why does it take 20 grown men to tackle a football!?! If the two or three guys that get to it first and land on it are not enough to keep it down then that mighty football deserves to be set free.
  2. Why do they build a huge goal post thing and then when the person kicks the ball through it it is only worth 3 points? For them to build such a monumental contraption, aka eyesore, it should be worth at least a good 10 points.
  3. How can a clock that says it has 3 seconds left, take 30 agonizing minutes to count down those 3 seconds?
  4. It takes 5 minutes for all of the guys to line up in their spots, then within 10 seconds they throw the ball, run 2 feet, go through my #1 pet peeve and then the clock stops and they do it all over again.
  5. Why does the quarterback make so much money? He rarely gets tackled, doesn't have to run far or kick the ball. All he does is have to generally be the cutest guy on the team and throw the ball while everyone else protects him.


Dorkys Ramos said...

Hahaha I was always annoyed by the clock thing too. Man, I cannot stand watching that sport. A total snore!

sugarlens said...

Hehe, fun! I am totally with you on the clock thing, too.

I am visiting via Dry As Toast. Cute dog!

Kim Caro said...

football can be fun, but at the same time i dont care for it.

Jess said...

Seeing as I don't understand US football, it makes this list seem all the more confusing. How can 3 seconds take 30 minutes? That's just CRAZY!

Eli. J Jewelry said...

I was asking myself the same questions the other day!!

capitolagirl said...

LOL - I've never been much of a ball sports fan myself, so totally get what you're saying about the clock.