Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Holiday Spirit

Rarely does it snow here in Southeast Texas. Once, four years ago on Christmas Eve, was the first time in my life that we had enough snow to build an actual snowman. Imagine our surprise when out of the blue, well I guess I should say out of the sky, it started snowing the other day. I know that some of you out there that have to deal with snow every day are probably rather sick of it by now, but we had a great time playing in it!

My house looked like a gingerbread house by the time the night was over!

Barkley on the other hand, was probably wishing I would have left him in the warm house!

Snow seems to make me get more into the holiday spirit. There is something about celebrating Christmas in 80 degree weather and shorts that is just not as appealing as a snowy day!

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