Friday, February 20, 2009

Now the Recession is Messing With My Fantasy Shopping

I loved watching Sex and the City every week when it was on HBO and imagining myself actually being able to afford the outfits that the girls on there wore weekly. While I may not be able to splurge for the latest Jimmy Choo shoes or Dolce and Gabbana dress, I knew that I could always live vicariously through the girls every Sunday night.

This whole darn recession thing is taking away my ability to pretend I have an endless amount of cash for my wardrobe! Now on the next installment of Sex and the City, the girls may have to be more, dare I say, frugal!

We all knew that with Carrie Bradshaw's little column in a secondary NYC paper was not, in reality, going to afford her the lifestyle that she was leading. We didn't care though! We just wanted to see what the heck Patricia Field was going to put her in next. I think now is not the time to stop trying to look fabulous Carrie Bradshaw! Keep pretending like you have money to buy all the gorgeous, sometimes insane, but never boring, outfits that I can not afford and would probably not even have the nerve to wear out even if I could!

Not everyone has the funds to shop as much as usual now, but the ability to dream should not be taken away!

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