Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wall Decals-Easy, Affordable and Stylish

Do you ever wish you could change the look of your home? Maybe you have a wall that you have not found that perfect piece of art for. Maybe you just want to jazz things up a bit, but are not in the mood to paint an entire wall. Well, here below my friends is a perfect solution for you-wall decals! As you will see from these selections you can change any boring wall into something much more visually appealing.

The above chandelier and caged bird pieces from LeenTheGraphicsQueen's shop are so perfectly girlie that they would be the perfect addition to any bachelorette pad.

LeenTheGraphicsQueen has many other offerings here at:

rEVOLV3rApparel's shop at:

has the above selections, plus many more. I can picture that map looking great behind a desk to update any home office. The card suites would look cool anywhere, but take down that neon sign in your game room and put up this decal and you will have an instant update.

Shanon1972's shop at:

has the above lovelies and many more. The faux carved panels add instant interest and can be made in many different colors. The mirror with bird decals can be placed on a wall to add as a focal point and save you lots of money on furniture.

Just because the economy is bad and we may not all have plenty of cash to burn to decorate our homes, it doesn't mean that they have to cease to be stylish. Wall decals can be a great economical way to liven up our homes without breaking the bank.

This post is one that I have written for my Etsy team this month. Feel free to check out more at:


Dorkys Ramos said...

Great choices. I actually have wall decals in my living room behind two painted frames. I wanted "vines" to grow around and behind them and after a real plant I had died, I used vine decals from Ikea. I love the look and it's super easy to maintain ;)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

I need to do that Dorkys! My mom always feel pity for any plant that I bring into my house. She says that they can never survive my lack of care! :)