Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Week in Review

Since I have been missing in action, otherwise known as being to drained after work to think up a witty blog, I figured I would catch up with a few highlights.

  • I redesigned my guest bathroom. Last summer, I had taken a picture that I love in New York. I have been wanting a place to put it so I redecorated my bathroom to give it a spot. I seriously need the college to offer my lone design class that I need for graduation. Whenever I start design projects in school I never have the urge to redo my entire house, which really saves money!

  • Some people are so much nicer outside of the work environment. We attended a barbeque with an ex coworker. While at work she was a vicious dictator. However, outside of the confines of our building she was so pleasant to talk to. I guess work really does bring out the worst in some people. Everyone should just lighten up at work though. I mean, who wouldn't rather be sitting on the beach with an umbrella in their drink, but unless our last name in Hilton, most of us have to drag ourselves to work. We may as well make the most of it.

  • Speaking of work, my boss asked me if I would like to work on Saturdays. Asking someone if they would like to work on Saturdays is like asking if you would like to get a root canal. I politely said "No I would not like to, but I have a feeling I am going to be doing it anyway".

  • I am on a mission to get my friend a date. He is 29 and has never had a girlfriend. My other friend, Adrienne, and I have decided that we are on a mission to get him out of the house and find him someone. He is scared of girls, so scared in fact that he will not even go to places like Hooters. While those orange short shorts are kind of scary, the girls are harmless. We have our work cut out for us. Wish us luck! If anyone has any tips for us to help him out they would be greatly appreciated.

  • While pondering my friend and his dating issues I came up with a great business idea. I keep hearing about that Just Lunch dating service. The idea behind it, as far as I understand, is that if you go for lunch and do not like the other person you can leave quicker than if it were for dinner. I would like to one up them and call my dating service, Just Coffee...Just in Case You're Ugly. The word ugly could also be interchanged with a pervert, creepy, smelly. The possibilities are endless.

  • My friend thought that I was crazy today when I told her I was teaching Barkley how to speak Spanish. I tell him in Spanish when he has something in his eye and he will close his eyes for me to get it out, (yes I know this is gross as my husband tells me everyday). I don't think that it is strange, especially since he is a Chihuahua! In my opinion he is pretty darn smart! After all he knows more Spanish that his human father Gabe!

  • My fish died. He lived for over a year, but he passed away this week. He had a good life for a fish. He traveled with us several times when we left town for the hurricanes. Let me tell you my mom was none too happy to have to carry the little travel aquarium, but I didn't want my fish blown away by a storm! She thought she was getting it easy when I took the two puppies and she got the fish. After have fishy water slosh all over her, she realized she made a big mistake! I have decided to give up the aquarium for now.

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Dorkys Ramos said...

First off, that Just Coffee business idea, made me laugh when I read it days ago. I think you should go for it. And I hope you don't have to work on Saturdays because that is the worst. Trust me, I know.