Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is "Real" TV Too Real?

Gone are the days of the Brady Bunch, where all of the children cared about each other and the parents always solved any problems in a cheery manner, not to mention a 30 minute time period.

Usher in the days where E! True Hollywood story is more than happy to tell you that indeed Mr. Brady was living a secret life, Greg had the hots for Marsha and Mrs. Brady and Marsha, Marsha, Marsha was secretly a drug abuser.

Are we promoting ignorance and lack of morals with some of our television programs? I find it disturbing the lengths that some people will go to be in the public eye. On one show young people are going on television to try to be friends with Paris Hilton. The prize at the end of the show is to be her BFF. I don't know about you all, but when I was in school she would have been the outcast who everyone deemed as a hooch.

We have people like the ever unpopular "Speidi". Heidi, the female portion of "Speidi" for those of you who are not MTV savvy, (sometimes not knowing is bliss), went on The View and proceeded to liken herself to the Virgin Mary. She later told the audience she was posing for Playboy. Not casting any stones against Playboy, but it is hardly a magazine that the Virgin Mary would have approved of I am sure.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 were brought on to show what life would be like raising eight children. Unfortunately, we have seen that Jon and Kate's marriage vows should have read "Through thick or thin, through television production and despite US Weekly."

By showing real lives on television are we bringing down our culture? It is hard to tell for sure, but it certainly can't be setting good examples. I for one am hoping that we soon see the return of family sitcoms like The Cosby Show and Family Ties where the characters were intelligent people solving everyday problems.


Angela said...

Yeah, television is crazy these days. I watch The Food Network and HGTV where the only disasters involve either burning something or picking the wrong paint color. I have enough drama at work... I don't want to watch it on TV.

American Sarta said...

This is something I do not miss from American television.

I enjoyed reading, nice blog!