Monday, June 29, 2009

I am Generally a Happy Person, but Sometimes People Suck and Ruin It!

Top Things That Annoy Me:
  • People that drive crappy! If you can't drive, then walk, take a cab, get a bike, whatever, but don't take the risk of plowing down others!
  • People that drive crappy + text message at the same time! That one is a doozy!
  • People who act like they are your friend and then jab a knife in your back to try to fit in with other backstabbers. That is so high school and I graduated more years ago than I would like to publicly admit, so I have no time in my life for that type of soap opera.
  • Seeing nice people have to deal with horrible situations. A good friend of mine is having problems with her horrid hubby. It is really hard to see someone who deserves so much better putting up with someone who deserves to be in jail!
  • People that mistreat the elderly, the homeless and animals.
  • People who judge other races, religions, lifestyle, etc. It is a great big world out there so why spend it cooped up under a rock?


Adrienne said...

That horrid hubby deserves to be underneath the jail! LOL!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Yes he does!