Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out With the New and In With the Old?

I love digital photography. Being able to retake a photo on the spot when you see that it didn't come out perfect is very helpful. Being able to crop out your thighs because you ate one too many pieces of cheesecake for Christmas is very kind to our self-esteem.

For all of the wonders of the digital world, I do miss the retro appeal of the Polaroid. Of course they are not as vivid as their new counterparts. I remember, though, as a child taking photos, having to shake them to get them to develop and then anxiously waiting as the picture begins to appear. It was so fun to see the final project once the colors all came into place.

I have found for you the best of both worlds:Poladroid. This website uses the best of both worlds. You begin by choosing one of your digital photos, all cropped and ready to go! Next you just click your photo into their Polaroid camera. Just like its original version, this Polaroid slowly develops and then...voila:

You have your very own new fangled version of a Polaroid!

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Pamela said...

how cool! I'm totally doing that with some photos!