Monday, January 11, 2010

Love Architecture and Need to Waste Away a Few Moments Today?

Architecture is one of my loves. I enjoy seeing beautiful buildings and well designed rooms. If these are things you enjoy as well I wanted to share a fun site that I check out from time to time: It is like MTV cribs without you having to listen to the typical, "See what I have in my refrigerator" or "This is where the magic happens". On realestalker, the hilarious writer, Your Mama, takes you on a tour of homes that are being bought or sold by celebrities. This site is a case of the good the bad and the ugly. The decor in some of those homes will leave you shaking your head in dismay, but despite the ugly it is always a fun way to pass a few moments! Happy Monday!

Check out Kenny Chesney's new digs in Franklin, Tennessee! Franklin is a beautiful city and from the looks of it Mr. Chesney's house is just as amazing.

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