Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why do this?

I am sure you all have seen the photos of Heidi Montag, from MTV's show The Hills, and her newly made over everything. Juju Chang interviewed her on Good Morning America this morning and her inability to blink or make a facial expression is really disturbing. I will never understand why these perfectly pretty girls would spend so much money to look like every other girl in Hollywood. Unfortunately I think she needs therapy before surgery, but obviously it is too late for that.


Erica said...

I don't have a TV so I had not seen this. I thought she was very pretty before, but she is still very pretty. I don't really understand why anyone gets plastic surgery though.

Pamela said...

She definately needs therapy. I don't think the question is the danger of having all these procedures at once (that's a given-bad doctor, bad!!!) but WHY she is having ANY procedures. Between the body image issues and the obvious need for attention-negative or positive, the poor girl has issues. I've always thought she felt insecure around LC on the first season of the hills and I think she was. She is beginning to look like a mannequin!

Intense Guy said...

She needed therapy - and a reason for "being" other than being a "model". Time marches on and looks will fade - there is no stopping it - and if she doesn't have something "real" underpinning her self-esteem, she's going to be popping sleeping pills later on.

And you, you are just as pretty, if not prettier...


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Erica-I thought she was very pretty before also. I don't think she is ugly now, but she has no personality left in her face. Hopefully, it will be different after it settles in.

Pamela-It is really sad that she felt that she needed to do all of this. I agree she does need attention for some reason. She did always seem insecure of LC. LC is such a natural beauty. Too bad Heidi didn't seem to realize she was as well. :(

IntenseGuy-I agree she does need a personality and life makeover, before plastic surgery.
And you are way too kind.:) Thank you.