Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13TH...

The day as popular for superstitions as it is for Hollywood gore. Are our superstitions surrounding this day unwarranted? Apparently so as statistically fewer accidents happen on Fridays that fall on the 13TH, perhaps due to people being more careful or shall I say paranoid. 

While I have never been particularly scared of the 13TH falling on a Friday I do have a few superstitions:
  • It is my belief that some people get out of control during a full moon. This includes mood swings, temperamental behavior and just downright crappy to have to deal with. Perhaps the fine folks who manufacture PMS medication could come up with a solution for this condition. 
  • While I love haunted history I will never spend the night somewhere that I have heard haunted stories about. This is also why I will never spend the night in San Antonio again. Who wants to wake up with a lady wearing Victorian gear looking at them? On a side note, why is it always a lady dressed from the Victorian era and a man in a military uniform when haunted stories are passed down? 
  • Never will I touch a voodoo doll or Ouija board. NEVER! 
  • I will not watch a show about spooky places or a scary movie in my house. 
  • Rabbit's feet freak me out. How can they be considered lucky? If they were would not the rabbit still be attached to it?! 

What are you superstitious about? Surely this cutie above doesn't freak you out...or does it?
Do share! 

 Black cat photo via pinterest


Intense Guy said...



I'm with you on the Full Moon thing... maybe it's a tidal effect that messes up the organs making hormones... who knows...

Joy De Vivre Design said...

LOL Intense! I hope that there is an explanation. Otherwise people are just plain crazy! :)