Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cottage Craze

Admittedly I am not the outdoorsy type of girl. I am afraid of just about everything and the thought of running across a snake is more than I can handle. However, I have always imagined having a little cottage out by a running stream. It would be furnished with perfect little flea market finds that cost cents, but would look fantastic.

If you have Yahoo as your homepage you may have run across the story yesterday of Sandra Foster who has created this quaint little Victorian cottage all for just $3000!

It is an adult sized doll house!

Now I am on a cottage craze! Check out these other adorable cottages that will make you want to downsize your current digs!

Cottage photos courtesy of flickr. Click on each for more info.


Megan | Freckled Italian said...

I saw that first cottage yesterday and I can't believe how amazing it is! I'd love to have a little place like that. I can't believe it's so tiny but so beautiful and well-decorated.

holly said...

i love the pink one on the water, what a dream house!!!

Pamela said...

i love the thatched roof cottage. I've always dreamed of a perfect little cottage in the cotswolds of england. so quaint.

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Megan-It is so cute for such a tiny place! She did an amazing job!

holly-That one is adorable and what a view you would have!

Pamela-that one reminded me of that movie The Holiday where Kate Winslet went to live.

Intense Guy said...

The purple one reminds me of the adorable house in the movie "Up".