Saturday, June 19, 2010

So I Have Been Missing in Action

...but I have been having a great time! This week we traveled to Wichita, KS and Tulsa, OK to see Papa Roach. As always I can not say enough about how awesome these guys are to see live and how great they are to everyone that comes out to meet them. Photobucket
Myself, Tobin, Tony, Diana, Jagger, Jacoby, Kaylee, Jerry and Gabriel

Jacoby and I


Myself and Tony
Jerry and I


Shyanne, Elsa, myself and Diana.
The Texas girls, some who are not in this pic, and Gabe took up almost the entire front row of the pit. This is our after picture! :) We had such a blast from chatting with the guys, to pretending our car had broken down so we could sneak ten people in the secured bus area and meeting new friends. Now the countdown begins to do it all again!

I have been so exhausted since I have been home that I haven't had a chance to say hello to you all so I hope all is going well with everyone. Fill me in on what is new in your part of the world!


Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh sounds like you guys had a great time! And you're going to have to give us more details on that whole scheme you pulled to get into the secured bus area :p

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Hi Dorkys! I hope all is well! LOL it was totally innocent though it sounds bad huh! LOL! We were trying to get back there to see someone my friend knew. There was a huge gate and thankfully a very intoxicated person from the opening band on the other side. He asked what we were doing and so security wouldn't come out we told him our car had broken down. Mind you half the state of Texas was with us so he asked if we were in a cargo van! LOL! We said yes in fact we were. ;) He came back out about ten minutes later and asked where the tow truck was. At that point I think he felt sorry for us because we said AAA was taking forever. He then opened the gate up and let us in the secured area to come hang out. So funny! We almost got kicked out by security but the drummer from Papa Roach, Tony, told them to leave us alone! Yay Tony!LOL!

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad to see you are back!

Those are some really cool pictures!

So how's it like to be a "groupie"?


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Thanks so much Intense Guy! The "after being pushed around during the show" pics are not very flattering, but hey that is the real deal! LOL!

It is great! LOL! We had such an awesome time! I can not say enough how down to earth and cool those guys are! Now I can't wait for their fall tour for our little Texas group to get together at the shows again. I am having Papa Roach withdrawals already! :)